EC’s dates for transfer and proxy voters’ list compilation

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has scheduled the compilation of transferred voters lists, and the proxy voters’ lists for the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections for October 20th to 22nd.

A registered voter who is a security official or a student who would be on special duties at a different constituency could apply to the Returning Officer of the Constituency to be included in the transferred voters’ list of the preferred voting location.

Applicants will need to provide physical proof of the new residence and shall sign a declaration by the Returning Officer before being assigned to a new polling station.

Also,a registered voter who due to ill-health or absence from the constituency would not be able to vote on the Polling Day, might apply to the Returning Officer of the Constituency or the Commission for the name of the selected proxy to be entered onto the Proxy list.

Applicants would be required to complete a proxy form in quadruplicate and endorsed by the Returning Officer.

Finally, person appointed as a Proxy might vote in the elections at the Polling Station where the registered Voter was assigned to vote at the time of registration.

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