Quality customer service is a journey towards customer satisfaction – Hector Wolf

An expert in customer relations, Mr. Hector Wolf, has touched on the importance of the quality of customer service in the journey toward achieving customer satisfaction.

Customers usually expect a seamless experience through effective conversational tools, whether online or on phone calls, and they want quick responses.

This motivates satisfied and loyal customers to provide positive endorsements and good online reviews that can help businesses strengthen their brand.

Speaking to UniversNews monitored by Talksafrica.com, Founder and Executive Director of Organization for Customer Service Excellence, Hector Wolf, highlighted the need for companies to pay attention to specific needs of customer service teams and contact centers when considering strategies to achieve customer satisfaction.

“If you treat your workers like trash, they will equally treat your customers like trash, and if you treat them a treasure, they would treat your customers like a treasure,” he said.

He added that the motivation given in terms of capacity building, as well as improvement of their business environment, pushes workers to deliver better to the external customer base.

The post COVID-19 world will be a dramatically different place, with more people working from home and shopping online than ever before due to pandemic.

On that score, he indicated that “customer care is a journey and not a destination, so there must be room for improvement.”

”Most of our businesses try to see customer satisfaction and experience from their own perspective.

“But if you go through research, the voice of a customer survey and other customer engagement activity to get information from the customers to analyze their level of satisfaction from their perspective I am sure we will be getting somewhere,” he stated.

He maintained that quality customer service is a necessary element to boost customer confidence for winning hearts and minds in the quest for consumer trust in this age of perfect competition.


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