All You Need to Know About NABCO Permanent Employment Transition

All you need to know about actualization of the permanent employment agenda for NABCO beneficiaries.

Below is the full Statement signed and issued on October 19, 2020 by Akwasi Botchway, National Communication Team Lead (NABTAG).

Trainees Association of Ghana (NABTAG)

19th October, 2020

Update on the Nation Building Journey with NABCO:


On the 16th of October 2020, the nation building family of NABCO, comprising of staff members from the National Secretariat, and Regional and District Coordinators, concentred at the premises of Accra Digital Center to launch its Second Year Anniversary with the theme: Getting Our Graduates To Work; the Beginning of Transition to Permanent Employment Jobs

The itinerary for the program accorded the ocassion with a demo on the newly established permanent employment portal which was built by stakeholders as part of the preparatory phase of trainees’ absorption into permanency and a press briefing session, of which the imperial Chief Executive Officer of NABCO, Dr. Ibrahim Anyars updated the media on the prospect of beneficiaries as the scheme runs into its third year.

Amongst other things, the CEO alloted a significant period of his presentation to give a vivid clarification on the modus operandi of NABCO to extricate the dust that has been sprayed in the eyes of the public as a permanent employment scheme. He indicated succinctly that the NABCO initiative was established to provide work readiness skills to beneficiaries, after assessing the alarming rate of graduate unemployment, and deploy them into the various sectors of the economy as productive workforce.

Celebrating Two (2) Years of the nation building journey gives a critical consideration for a well thought-out plan regarding the future of trainees attaining the ultimate goal of sustainable jobs. The creation of the portal was envisaged to provide a means for trainees to upload the neccessary documents to build their employability profile. The portal shall be opened, not many days hence to begin the transition process.

The CEO established that it would amount to a misnomer of employment provision if NABCO beneficiaries are made to reverse back to the despondent state of joblessness at the end of the three-year duration.

He took the opportunity to assure beneficiaries that the petition for permanent employment, which NABTAG has been championing, has met expected outcome.

The president being a listening leader, gives us more solid grounds to project the progressive nature in the development agenda of Ghana.

The conception stage of the scheme provisioned for a clear plan on how the ultimate agenda of securing the future of the youth through the provision of sustainable jobs was going to be actualized. The opening of the permanent employment portal serves as a launchpad to the realization of the grand objective.


  1. Trainees are implored to fully participate in all subsequent workshops and training programs that will be organized across the districts to expose them to the rudimentary phase of the transition process.

  2. Concerning the exit pathways, NABTAG would like to urge trainees to ensure that they are well informed according to their individual preferences before making a choice for their respective exit arrangement decisions. The three different options i.e., retention, entrepreneurship, and further learning were ideated to ensure that there is uniformity in preference.

NABTAG wishes to commend the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for bringing practical meaning to leadership under his watch.

Moreover, the progress rate thus far reveals the patriotic attribute of the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ibrahim Anyars together with his able staff members.

The nation has found the right administration through the visionary leadership of the president, thus, it would be vitaly important to be given more years to consolidate the gains.

We are Nation Builders!!!


Akwasi Botchway,

National Communication Team Lead (NABTAG)

Cc: National Secretariat, NABCO

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