Forrester elected Vice Chair of Athletes’ Commission

UK-based Ghanaian weightlifter, Christopher Osei Forrester, who was elected Vice-Chairman of the International Weightlifting Federation’s (IWF) Athletes Commission on 11th October 2020 has finally spoken, thanking his peers for putting their trust in him.

“My recent appointment as the Vice-Chairman for the International Weightlifting Federation Athletes Commission was bestowed onto me by peers by an electoral decision and I am honoured to have such opportunity.”

“It is very significant in knowing that my peers and my fellow athletes within the Commission hold such a strong trust in me in representing them and being the voice that they need.” He further said

Forrester who was initially nominated to serve as a member of the IWF’s newly constituted Athletes’ Commission on 2nd September 2020 (as one of the two candidates nominated from Africa) stated that he is delighted to take on the role as Vice-Chairman.

“I am very keen and delighted to take on this role in representing the global athlete agenda (athlete involvement in governance) and respectively my designated region (Africa).”

“I will strive for my utmost best to ensure that African Athletes have a voice in decision making and better governance for a better future of our sports.” He further stated

Speaking about the role of the Athletes’ Commission, Forrester explained: “We ensure that if there are any events going on, we as an advisory for the organising committee in relation to how athletes can be accommodated well within the championship or games.”

Below is the full composition of the IWF Athletes’ Commission;

Continent Nation Name of athlete
Africa Ghana (M) Forrester Christopher OSEI
South Africa (W) Mona PRETORIUS
Asia China (M) Lyu XIAOJUN
Japan (W) Hiromi MIYAKE
Europe Germany (M) Jurgen SPIESS
France (W) Dora TCHAKOUNTE
Oceania Australia (M) Damon KELLY
New Zealand (W) Megan Ann SIGNAL
Pan America Brazil (M) Fernando REIS
Cuba (W) Marina de la Caridad RODRIGUEZ MITJAN

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