GCPP should not be noisy to be relevant – Henry Lartey

Presidential candidate of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Dr. Henry Herbert Lartey, has lashed out at critics who say that relatively small political parties such as his are to frequently express their opinion on political matters to be relevant.

Dr. Lartey indicated that he does not subscribe to that school of thought.

He made these assertions in response to a suggestion from Prof. Ransford Gyampo that the Electoral Commission should have standards that would make it impossible for parties that only exist during electioneering periods to contest elections.

Prof. Gyampo describes such parties as election machinery.

Speaking on Road to Jubilee House, which airs on Radio Univers every Tuesday and Thursday, Dr. Lartey pointed out that his party prefers to engage the government on critical issues at the blind side of the public.

“A lot of people are not aware of what political parties do. You must have offices, you must have officers. You must have members in every constituency and you have meetings. Sometimes you don’t come out but you talk to those in power giving them your ideas. Sometimes, that’s how to work, you don’t just come out and make noise. You cannot make noise all the time. Just after the election, people keep talking. I don’t believe that politics. If you have good ideas and there is something going on, you can go to the people and talk to them,” he said.

He queried how he was able to get members into the party if they were not engaging with them.

Our youth organizer was at the University of Cape Coast. My General Secretary was also at the University of Cape Coast. How were we able to get them. It’s because we were talking to people all of the time.


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