RLFG recommended for IRL affiliate membership

The Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) board has recommended to the board of the International Rugby League (IRL) that Ghana be upgraded from its current IRL observer status to affiliate member status.

If the recommendation is accepted, it would mean that Ghana’s Rugby League governing body the Rugby League Federation Ghana (RLFG) will become only the third African nation – following Nigeria recently and South Africa – to be bestowed such status.

In order to participate as an affiliate of the IRL, the RLFG will need; (1) Access to at least one pitch that can be adapted to meet the international laws with evidence it
has been used for RL. (2) Evidence of a registration system. (3) Population > 500k: 4-team competition, minimum 1 round or Population < 500k: 3-team competition, minimum 2 rounds. (4) Evidence of junior development.

Board member of the RLEF, Mahdi Choudhury, recommened the RLFG pointing to its rapid growth since being revitalised back in 2018.

“We are extremely pleased to recommend Ghana’s affiliate membership application, they have shown significant growth since 2018. Rugby League Federation Ghana (RLFG) has increased domestic and international competition, coaching and match official development programmes, and vital community initiatives. Their acceptance would further strengthen the establishment of a proposed Middle East Africa Confederation.”


The RLFG, have been particularly active in their university sector, and has recently begun to return to on-field activity after the easing of some COVID-19 restrictions in the country on Sunday 20th September 2020.

Ghana Rugby League Clubs have opted to train for rest of the year and have set a programme for both male and female players to restart 2021.

The Federation has also held a number of health programmes as a way to give back to the community with last weekend’s breast cancer awareness programme dubbed ‘Women in Sports’ organized in association with Pink October and in collaboration with sports retailer Decathlon Ghana one of such programmes.

“Breast Cancer is a serious problem that most people take for granted,” said Rachel Ankomah, RLFG women’s Rugby League Co-ordinator.

“This is our own way of giving back to the community: allowing them an opportunity to get checked and also be educated on breast cancer.” She further stated

Activities included yoga, a health walk, breast talk, a women in sports show, aerobics, health screening and a game of touch rugby.

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