Election 2020 not a reason to stop fighting illegal mining – Lands Minister

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Kweku Asomah-Cheremeh, has cautioned the general public against engaging in illegal mining activities, saying that the 2020 elections will not prevent the ministry from punishing offenders.

Speaking at the press briefing in Accra, the Minister indicated that the government will not, in the name of securing  votes in the December polls, suspend the Minerals and Mining Act.

He also warned law enforcement personnel to desist from condoning the activities of illegal miners.

According to him, about 85% of the fight against illegal mining has been successful.

“The illegal miners who think that we are close to the elections and therefore the laws of minerals and mining act has changed, this is a warning to them it has not changed, they should be very careful. And those officers who go to the field, that they have gone there to monitor to allow people to do this illegal mining, they are also warned we will come after them.”

He entreated Ghanaians to join in the fight against illegal mining activities as it was a national issue.

“It doesn’t only behold on the government to fight illegally, it beholds on every citizen to fight illegal mining. Any crime which is being committed in your presence, the law enjoins you to call for the arrest of that person because as citizens it is part of our responsibility” he said


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