Your campaign songs should resonate with the people – Dr. Kobby Mensah to Political Parties

Political marketing strategist at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), Dr. Kobby Mensah is entreating political parties to compose songs that electorates can relate to as they continue to strategize for the December 07 polls.

In an interview with UniversNews monitored by, Dr. Kobby Mensah observed that music is inalienable to African culture hence political parties must take advantage of it to communicate their policies to electorates.

He stressed that political campaign songs had the potential in drumming up support for a political party in elections.

“Political campaign songs are actually one of the ways that political parties try to connect with the base because they have to excite their base. They have to let their base understand that the campaign is up and doing…the campaign is exciting and it is actually poised to win elections and if you look at our system especially in Africa, one of the most connecting activities or connecting cultural artifacts is music, and so the political parties try to tap into that pre-existing socio-cultural act and make sure that they could use it to reconnect with the base” he said.

Speaking on a political party not having a political campaign song ahead of a general election, He indicated that the party risk having a “dry” campaign lacking the enthusiasm that characterizes the campaigns of other political parties who have campaign songs.

Dr. Kobby Mensah advised political parties to be cautious of the lyrical content of their campaign songs.

“They [political parties and politicians] have got to actually find out also the content of the music that could make people do what they want them to do. And so you want to make sure that you are actually looking at songs that resonate with people and songs that can cause the people to action…to take a certain step or to perform a certain act” he stated

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