Prof. Gyampo Breaks Silence Over Martin Amidu’s Report On Agyapa Deal

Popular Political Science Professor with the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Yaw Gyampo has reacted to Special prosecutor Martin Amidu’s report on the infamous Agyapa Deal.

In a signed and issued Facebook post of Professor. Gyampo sighted by Talks Africa Media, He said “I have just finished reading the Special Prosecutor’s Report on the Agyapa Deal, portions of which are very worrying.”

According to him, The challenge however, is that many Ghanaians do not even know about the technical details of the deal and won’t read the full report issued by Martin Amidu.

To him, many people will rely on secondary information about the report, which may be slanted or saddled with propagandistic colorations. Adding that, these tendencies in the body politic, tend to undermine proper scrutiny and strict proof interrogations, that tend to keep the feet of politicians to fire.

He explained “My own view, after reading what Martin Amidu wrote in his report, is quite simple: “Winner-Takes-All Politics; Winner-Knows-All Politics; & the Arrogant Use of Brute Political Power, will usher any regime into needless political embarrassment”

The Professor argued that, Politicians who hide under the audacity of political power, public ignorance and weak countervailing authority in the body politic, to force deals down the throat of Ghanaians, even in the face of open Civil Society revulsion, commit politically suicidal blunders, that will affect their standing in the minds of middle class-societal elites, critical minds and electoral kin-makers.

“Even before the Special Prosecutor authored his report, the controversies surrounding the deal made it politically unwise for its introduction in an election year. Who is the political strategist of the ruling party? Is this a deal to introduce in an election year? Is it that political power blocked the ears of its wielders and prevented them from listening to their own political strategists? Is it that all political strategists have been silenced by being given appointments? Apart from the damning concerns of the Special Prosecutor about the Agyapa Deal, its timing too is politically bad.”

In his conclusion remarks he said “Anyway, kudos to the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu. More of such responses from this outfit, will sit power holders up, and restore the lost confidence in many institutions of state.”

By: Talks Africa Media

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