Ghana Vaccinations Enters Next Phase-Health Worker

The Ghana Wellbeing Administration (GHS) has guaranteed that the AstraZeneca antibody is protected and has along these lines urged everyone to partake in the immunization program in Ghana, as the nation moves into the following period of the inoculation.

Starting Monday, Walk 22, 2021, all wellbeing laborers in different regions and districts in Ghana are to be inoculated.

The Chief General of the GHS, Dr Patrick Kuma Aboagye clarifies that around 90,000 wellbeing laborers are being focused in this next period of the inoculation program in Ghana.

This, he said incorporates both public and private area wellbeing laborers and that their names and areas have been verified and each locale will have two destinations for inoculation “and we are trusting that inside seven days, or fourteen days, all wellbeing laborers would have been covered the nation over.”

More immunizations coming

Tending to a press preparation Sunday evening [March 21, 2021] Dr Kuma Aboagye said Ghana was all the while seeking after extra immunizations just as supporting the government funded schooling on adherence to security conventions and antibody take-up.

“I’m certain we are generally asking when the following antibodies are coming.”

“So far Ghana needs around 42 million dosages, that is on the off chance that we are utilizing just two portion vials for all, to inoculate the 20 million individuals we have focused to do by October [2021] and this incorporate the expected wastage and that is the reason it is 42 million.

“So far we have 12 million or more from the COVAX office which will cover around 6,000,000 individuals covering 20% of the populace.”

Pre Request Ghana Year Book 2021

“We are additionally having around 17 million or more mentioned from the Africa Meds Stage that we desire to show up… and furthermore the private area is collaborating with Ghana to get extra amount through the COVAX office.”

“We are additionally associated with bi-horizontal conversations with other immunization makers to have the option to top off this number. So far we have gotten the 600,000, and extra 50,000 or more.


Dr Kuma Aboagye said MTN as a feature of its corporate social obligation (CSR) is supporting Africa with immunizations and we are anticipating that inside a day or two, we will get around 160,000 portions for Ghana.

“We are anticipating that in the following fourteen days, we will get another inflow again from the regions we are anticipating that they should come from. What we cannot deny is that we don’t have the clear time yet we realize that inside the time frame that individuals should get their subsequent portions, we would have gotten enough antibodies to cover more individuals and give the individuals who are expected for the subsequent portion.”

“Furthermore, let me advise you that the subsequent portion is eight to 12 weeks from the date of inoculation. We are probably utilizing the two months as the following immunization however there is likewise the support of four additional weeks and the issue is that the more drawn out, the more viable the antibody is thus we will follow up the plan, the information have been given and proceed with the inoculation.

EU and AstraZeneca

Addressing reports in Europe where there were conversations on AstraZeneca, on the issue of whether it causes blood clusters, Dr Kuma Aboagye clarified that a few nations in the EU suspended the utilization of the AstraZeneca Coronavirus immunization as a careful step dependent on reports of uncommon blood coagulation problems in people who had gotten the antibody.

He said different nations in the EU – having considered a similar data kept utilizing the antibody in their inoculation programs.

He noticed that inoculation against Coronavirus won’t decrease ailment or passings from different causes and that Thromboembolic (blood thickening) occasions are known to happen regularly, adding that Venous thromboembolism (a blood coagulating occasion) is the third most basic cardiovascular infection worldwide, as per the World Wellbeing Association (WHO).

In mass inoculation crusades, it is standard for nations to flag potential antagonistic occasions following vaccination yet this doesn’t really imply that the occasions are connected to immunization itself, yet it is acceptable practice to research them, he added.

It additionally shows that the reconnaissance framework works and that successful controls are set up.

AstraZeneca safe

He added that the European Medications Organization has checked on the most recent data on Coronavirus antibody and demonstrated the wellbeing of AZ immunization.

The Ghana FDA [Food and Medications Authority] has given a Press Proclamation on the way that no Blood coagulating occasions have been identified in its strong Unfriendly Occasions Observing Framework which it does in a joint effort with the GHS.

The WHO, EMA, the Ghana FDA and numerous other Administrative Specialists around the globe demonstrate that AstraZeneca keeps on being protected and suggest its persistent use in battling the pandemic.

Grumblings in Ghana

Dr Kuma Aboagye said the most well-known grievances got in Ghana from an aggregate of 1575 individuals after the immunization out of the more than 460,000 all out individuals inoculated, are for the most part non major issues on migraine, fever, torment at infusion site and general real throbs.

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