How To Combat Insomnia With This Special Leaves.

Orange has been a very wonderful fruit eaten by almost everyone. Many people like orange because of its nutritional content. Its leaves have an aroma and very effective substances to battle against nerves and insomnia according to some herb specialists.

In the ancient day’s, it is believed that grandparents used the leaves of oranges to relax and initiate sleep before bedtime.
Its seductive and hypnotic properties are believed to be perfect to fall asleep and calm nerves accumulated during the day. Orange leaves are believed to contain this property.

Preparation: Boil the fresh leaves for seven minutes in water. You may add some tablespoon of honey due to its bitter taste.

Dosage: Take remedy half an hour before going to bed. Take just about four to five tablespoon full.

According to some herbal experts, The leaves have some effective substances that help to improve our health, especially digestive problems of all kinds (generated by poor digestion, gases, stress, etc.). But it also provides a solution in cases of epilepsy and hysterical situations when the heart beats too fast, or when we need to strengthen the immune system or reduce fever.

With the same efficiency, they calm headaches caused by stress and can even be used in cases of flu, congestion and sore throat. They are even helpful for those who have children that have lost appetite, in this case, it is best to give them an infusion in aid for several days.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Seek the help of a licensed herbalist before trying this remedy.

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