Why You Should Consume Black Velvet Tamarind.

Black Velvet Tamarind is poppularly known as ‘yoryi’ in some local languages in Ghana. It is called Awin in Yoruba, Icheku in Igbo and Tsamiyar kurm in Hausa. Black velvet tamarind or Dialium Guineense is typical tamarind with a black velvety hard shell, orange sticky pulp and the flat circular brown seed. Velvet Tamarinds has many nutrients which makes them capable of combating certain ailments.

Nutrients Contained In Black Velvet Tamarind are:
1. Moisture 5.9 and 4.9
2. Organic matter 97.5 and 98.2
3. Dry matter 94.1 and 95.1
4. Crude protein 15.7 and 4.2
5. Crude fat 5.4 and 2.6
6. Ash 2.5 and 1.8
7. Crude fibre 6.6 and 2.2
8. Total carbohydrate 70.6 and 86.6
9. Ascorbic acid 6.4 and 35.7

Some health benefits and diseases it can cure includes:

1. Malaria
According to research, the leaf extract inhibits the growth of Plasmodium falciparum which causes malaria, therefore, taking a concoction of the leaf can cure malaria.

2. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-microbial Properties
The fruit pulp contains abundant vitamin C which fights against microbial infections. The stem bark can reduce inflammation in bronchial tubes that arises due to bronchitis.

3. Treats gastric ulcer
The other benefit of black velvet tamarind for human health is to treat gastric ulcers. The black velvet tamarind increases gastric mucus secretion to care for gastric ulcer and protects the colon from the cancer cell. of course, the intake should be in the recommended serving amount.

4. Prevents hypertension
Black velvet tamarind is known to contain potassium. Potassium can control the heartbeat and makes the heart easier in pumping blood. In other words, black velvet tamarind can reduce the risk of hypertension.

5. Cures haemorrhoid
Among all the nutritious values of black velvet tamarind, one of these is useful to treat haemorrhoid or pile. Ethanol contained in black velvet tamarind is very good for haemorrhoid treatment. It will reduce the inflammation and gradually shrinks the abscess.

6. Boosts immune system
Antioxidant added with vitamin C is a good combination to perform the health benefit of black velvet tamarind. The combination is very useful to boost the immune system of our body. Therefore, long term consumption of black velvet tamarind in the recommended intake will ensure long term health from microbial and fungal infection.

7. Lowers cholesterol level
The other health benefit you can get from consuming black velvet tamarind is fulfilling your need for dietary fibre. The dietary fibre from the sticky pulp of Black velvet tamarind is very useful to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood.

8. Maintains good digestion
Related to the digestive system, the benefit of black velvet tamarind you can take is the supply of dietary fibre. The dietary fibre can increase bulk and bowel movement so that we can prevent constipation. It is also able to bind toxin from the digested food and protect the digestive organs.

9. Reduces micro-nutrient deficiency
The unhealthy lifestyle makes people unaware of the need for nutritious food. Some people prefer something instant that able to quickly fill their need for food without considering the nutrition contained in it. This kind of habits leads to micronutrient deficiency.

As we know we need those micronutrients such as vitamin and mineral. Our daily food not always contains the required amount of the nutrient. On the other hand, black velvet tamarind can be used as an option to fulfil the need for micronutrients as the nutrition values contained in it.

10. Treats bronchitis
According to research, black velvet tamarind is also able to treat respiratory problems such as bronchitis.  the symptoms of acute bronchitis can be read in  Symptoms of Bronchitis  Bronchitis patient can treat the disease with black velvet tamarind.

If you have any of the above conditions, you should consider introducing Black Velvet Tamarind into your diet.

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