Osita Chidoka Says FG Only Knows How To Borrow Money,But Don’t Understand Paystack And FlutterWave.

Previous Clergyman of Flight, Osita Chidoka, on Saturday said the National Government doesn’t have a grip of how innovation new companies bring in cash.

Mr Chidoka, who is an individual from the resistance People groups Leftist faction, was talking at The Stage, a broadcast occasion facilitated by the Top leader of Contract Country, Poju Oyemade and which tries to start discussions that can help public turn of events.

“What is the normal age of our bureau,” Mr. Chidoka said. “Our bureau doesn’t reflect Nigeria. They can’t comprehend Paystack, they can’t comprehend Flutterwave. They can’t comprehend Kobo360.

“They don’t have the foggiest idea how to burden them. The assessment specialists are burdening their incomes, since they feel that all the cash got by Kobo360 is income. No, it is cash they are getting as an aggregator.

“So we need youngsters like you to be the Administrator of the FIRS. That is the thing that we need. We need individuals who comprehend.

“We can’t help them. Mr. President can’t get it. The APC government doesn’t get it. They are too old to even consider getting it. What they comprehend is getting cash from the National Bank.”

Mr. Chidoka clarified that the generally new yield of innovation trailblazers are important for another Nigeria he portrayed as ‘Naija’.

“We need to open Naija,” he said. “It isn’t the duty of the structuralists. They are beguiling us, to make us continue to take a gander at that day when we will change our constitution and El-Dorado will come. No, they are arranging how they will take over in that new El-Dorado. “

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