Discover The Four Types Of Guys Women Are Usually Attracted To.

Every woman has a type of guy she is attracted to. Some ladies want guys who are dark in colour, brilliant, bushy hair and sometimes from a particular tribe.

In this article, I want to write about the four types of guys that the majority of ladies are attracted to and wish to have a person like them if not they as their husbands.

  1. Guys who are masculine built:

A lot of girls and women will attest to the fact that many of them like and love guys who are masculine built especially the gym guys.

Their reason is that those guys look healthy and romantic. Again they feel those guys can provide security for them because they are strong.

  1. Guys with long and well-trimmed beard:

Fashion is now moving from one level to the other. And today’s lifestyle of many guys is having long and we’ll trim beard.

Such a style of beard fit the majority of the guys and makes them look more handsome especially with a low cut kind of hairstyle.

This also makes them look responsible in the eyes of such girls and women who get attracted to them.

  1. Guys who are fashion icons:

In today’s world, guys are taking over fashion. And one thing that attracts women is the guys who dress in trendy styles.

Guys who are fashion icons are lovely and whoever sees them walking with such guys get all their eyes on them and this makes the ladies proud.

  1. Guys who drive expensive cars:

Who doesn’t love to sit in modern and expensive guys? Their absorbers alone make one think he or she is in an aircraft.

And many women think a guy who possesses such a car or cars or wealth is automatically a responsible guy.

Also, they think such guys can take good care of them since they have been able to purchase high-class cars.


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