Things Women Should Never Say To Their Partners If They Want To Keep Them

Communication the basic foundation of any relationship. Every successful relationship was build base on communication and understanding between the two partners. It is said the power of life and death is in the tongue “. Be careful of what you say to your man.

Just like a perfectly worded sentence can unlock a man’s heart, hurtful words can set him off. Ladies tend to do the talking more in a relationship. But a lady needs to use the right words on her man, even when he made her angry. It is better in certain circumstances you stay quiet. Sometimes silence is golden. Some ladies lose good men due to the bad things they said to them. In this article I am sharing with you things, a woman should never say to her man.

1.” Shut Up”.

No matter how angry you are at your man never use the statement, shut up! On him, it’s disrespectful. If there is anything men hate a lot is disrespect. Most women tend to lose guard each time they are angry, in such situations, I advise you to keep quiet, rather than saying something you will regret later.

2.”You are not Strong”.

Never tell your man he is weak, it’s an insult to his ego. Except you are referring to super mankind of strength, never tell a man he is not strong. If you say it jokingly ensure he understands you are just making fun of him.

3.” So and So is better than you”.

Every man is unique in his way. Never compare your man with another man, most men see it as an insult and will never take it likely with you. They can condole comparison from other people outside but not from their woman.

4.”I Wish you are More like my Ex”

Don’t mention your ex name anytime you are having a conversation with your man. Telling him, you wish he is your ex signifies you are not contented with him. One thing most men hate is competition. Making use of that statement on him can make him leave you.

5.”Your Friend is Handsome”.

Most men are sensitive when it comes to their women. That statement might be a mere compliment but it can trigger Jealousy in some Men.

6.”I Don’t like your Friends”.

Every man expects his woman to like his friends, he expects her to treat his friends with ultimate respect. If someone is important to your man, he becomes important to you by default. In the case where your man’s friends are a bad influence to him, don’t directly tell him you don’t like them instead use wisdom to communicate with him.

  1. “I’m Just Managing you”.

This statement could be a joke sometimes. But for the most part, it does not make sense to give your partner the idea that you think they are not good enough for you. Never make your man feel less of a man.

8.”I wish I Never got Involve with you”.

Except you are convinced you are no longer interested in the relationship, don’t say this to your man. Being angry with him shouldn’t warrant you uttering such statements.

9.”Don’t Say Insult Him”.

As I have mentioned earlier “the power of life and death lies in the tongue”. Never useĀ insulting words such as fool, stupid, useless or idiot on your man. Instead, use your tongue to bless him.

  1. “You Haven’t Done Anything for Me”.

Some women tend to use such statements when they are angry. Anger is not a justifiable reason to say to a man who has been with you for a reasonable couple of years, he hasn’t done anything for you. Those words are hurtful to men, Say such words might be the end of your relationship with him.

As a woman, it is paramount for you to be in control of your words, especially when it comes to your man. Never say things you will regret later.





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