NDLEA Arrests 10 Online Suspected Drugs Traffickers


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (ND­LEA) has said it has captures 10 online medication dealers, held onto 107kg cocaine, oth­ers, 11 dispatch motorcy­cles, a vehicle in Abuja in new attacks.

The NDLEA said it has dispatched new strikes on on­line drug dealers in the Government Capital Region, (FCT), during which a youngster and her sweetheart just as eight others were captured and grouped medications recuperated from them.

The organization said the main suspect, 28-year-old Ese Pat­rick, who sells her illegal sub­stances through Instagram account; Ese’s OvenSecret, was followed and captured for certain bits of brownies or­dered online by NDLEA’s un­dercover specialists, on 21st May, 2021 and conveyed without anyone else and her beau in a Mer­cedes Benz vehicle.

A subsequent activity at her home prompted the sei­zure of 400 grams of Arizona weed, which she utilizes in bak­ing the brownies.

Further examination prompted the capture of one Iyama Pat­rick, with 450 grams of Arizo­na weed. He supplies Ese the cannabis she employments.

The NDLEA in a state­ment endorsed by its Chief, Media and Support, Femi Babafemi said, “A day sooner, a bike having a place with a messenger organization, Sky Port, was deserted by a dispatch rider in Wuse zone 4 after locating NDLEA’s station around there. The cruiser was subsequently found to contain sever­al portions of rocks (a.k.a Challie), and some en­velopes of Arizona implied for conveyance.

“Another online medication traf­ficker, Peter Nkejika, was captured on Monday, May 24, 2021 after a capture of a dispatch rider with some amount of Boisterous, a profoundly psychoactive variation of can­nabis.

Each part of boisterous costs N30, 000 and the rider was gotten with 17 bits for conveyance.

“Additionally on Tuesday, May 25, NDLEA agents in­tercepted two online medication exchanges and captured two dispatch riders for certain amounts of cocaine and Noisy previously bundled for conveyance recuperated from them.

Babafemi added, “On the whole, five despatch riders and a woman, Dolapo Benjamin, who claims cruisers engaged with house to house dissemination of medications and medication based edibles; cakes and brownies were ar­rested while six dispatch mo­torcycles engaged with house to house drug dispersion were seized.

“Likewise seized from them were different medications; Co­caine, Break/Challie, Mol­ly/Joy, Skunk, Brownies and Noisy, which is the most costly psychoactive vari­ant of cannabis around.”

In a connected advancement on May 27, 2021, agents of NDLEA likewise blocked 30 compacted packages of canna­bis, going to Ningi, Bauchi State just as Rohypnol and Tramadol implied for the FCT.

The medications weighing 105.5 kilograms were seized along Gwagwalada-Abuja street, in an extravagance transport. Babafemi said, “Three people were captured regarding the displays, while two more dispatch bikes were seized for certain amounts of cocaine and cannabis on Saturday, May 29 as the assaults across the FCT heighten.

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