Kano Traders Narrates How IPOB Members Burned Their Palm Oil Truck,Worth 80M Naira

Kano Traders

Mustapha Shu’aibu Sulaiman is the Administrator, Galadima road traders association, Kano state

He described how associated individuals with the restricted Native Individuals of Biafra (IPOB) assaulted their trucks conveying palm oil from the eastern piece of the country to Kano State. Portions:

There is story going round that a few brokers from this market recorded misfortune while shipping products from the eastern piece of the country. What really occurred and where?

Two trucks completely stacked with palm oil having a place with our individuals were assaulted in Nsukka Neighborhood Government in Enugu state on their approach to Kano state from South East on Sunday.

The two trucks were conveying 2,544 jerry jars of palm oil. One was conveying 1,056, while the different was conveying 1,488.

At the point when they were halted, our drivers left the trucks and ran into the shrub to save their lives, and this is the manner by which the IPOB individuals set the trucks on fire.

What is the worth of these products?

The worth of the vehicles and the merchandise is worth over N80 million.

Who possesses them?

The merchandise have a place with our individuals numbering around 50, who are generally little finance managers. Some have only 20 jerry jars, somewhere in the range of 50, etc. Also, the majority of them, that was all they had and now both the products and the trucks have been burned to the ground.

Indeed, even yesterday, a portion of these merchants have endeavored to organize fight with bulletins, however we had the option to quiet them down with the help of the police.

What precisely occurred? We heard a few merchants were quieting the possibility of counter.

Indeed, the facts confirm that a portion of these dealers needed to bring laws into their hands through response assaults, but since we have a police station on the lookout, I composed them all in the police headquarters through the Divisional Cop (DPO) there.

He requested each one from us to compose every one of our assertions there and encouraged us on the common approaches to follow as I clarified before. The police dealt with the issue very well by quieting the enraged merchants down. It was even the police that encouraged them on the best thing to do.

You realize it is agonizing for somebody to lose something along these lines, however say thanks to God we have prevailing with regards to changing their musings on the issue with the assistance of the police without the circumstance leaving hand.

We don’t need them to affront any honest individual.

All in all, what activity would you say you are intending to take now?

We have composed a letter and will ship off Kano State lead representative, the state Place of Gathering, our legislators and individuals from Place of Delegates, the police, NEMA and any remaining significant experts for them to make the proper move.

We need the national government to urge Enugu State Government to remunerate us for all that was scorched.

We likewise need our officials to introduce a movement before the Public Gathering on the need to stop all these. In any event, during the #EndSARS fight, more than eight trucks having a place with northerners were burned to the ground and nothing was finished. Presently they are grinding away once more.

We are likewise anticipating establishing a lawful activity against them.

You mean this isn’t the first run through?

They have been doing it for long. They assault our merchandise, beat our drivers, take the products and we don’t talk by any stretch of the imagination. Presently, it has even arrived at a degree of consuming the entire trucks and the products they convey.

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