5 People Can’t Decide For Us – Igbos Attacked Southeast Governors For Disowning IPOB


There has been shock among Igbos following the new declaration by the southeastern Governors who met in Enugu State on Saturday.

Dailypost has revealed that the five governors in the region, on Wednesday abandoned the secessionist bunch, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), expressing that the gathering doesn’t represent the Igbos.

Executive of the Southeast Governors Forum, David Umahi, who expressed this while tending to newsmen not long after the gathering, said they have confidence in one Nigeria.

The gathering was designated at proffering answers for the current uncertainty assaulting the district especially Imo, Abia, Anambra and Ebonyi State.

“We denounce in entirety, the exercises of brutal secessionist bunches in the South East and somewhere else.

“We solidly broadcast that we don’t uphold them, they don’t represent the South East.

“The feeling that South-East pioneers are quiet over a portion of our adolescents’ fomentations for severance isn’t right.

“South-East Governors, Ohanaeze President, National Assembly individuals, striking pioneers had come out openly commonly in the past to oppose such fomentations.

“All together not to bungle the appalling circumstance, South-East pioneers have set up a council to connect such adolescents to pause and permit elderly folks to address such apprehensions,” he said.

Responding, a few indigenes of the locale took to their online media handles to lambast the lead representatives for taking choices that don’t address the normal voice of their electorates.

Here are a portion of the responses from Facebook:

Omesi Bonn Pillar said, “Southeast governors meeting can’t represent the adolescents and obviously we have chosen to leave Nigeria whether the governors like it.

“The said Governors have sold our future for such a long time until the appearance of IPOB which has acted the hero and liberated us by cycle of giving us Biafra—and that we have lined up with. We are requesting a submission to settle everything”.

According to Ifeanyi Ejimkonye, “It’s very heartbreaking, demoralizing and disturbing that south east Governors can authoritatively repudiate IPOB and backing one Nigeria with the significant degree of minimization in view of their childish interest. I’m so embarrassed about supposed Southeast Governors.”

“You individuals should keep displaying ineptitude, voracity and harshness. Clearly you individuals are not representing Igbos. Chukwu Okike Abiama will rebuff you individuals in a steady progression.”

Sway Eluwa: “Hopeless five people’s assessment doesn’t make any difference concerning the eventual fate of around 40 million individuals”.

Victor Mbaka, “South east Governors no one is beseeching you individuals to help us upsetting for Biafra just God support we are requesting in light of the fact that I know the difficult we are looking in the South East from you individuals call Governors however to the extent everyone is as yet alive you individuals call Governors most procure it, all the blood of Innocent youth you individuals will confront the judgment when opportunity arrives”.

The circumstance isn’t not quite the same as Twitter as numerous who, in spite of the prohibition on the microblogging stage, stated their viewpoints utilizing the medium.

Daily post compile a portion of the responses as follows:

@Suitzio: “Rather than them after a long consultation, we’ll be connecting with our kin in the coming a long time to know precisely what they need, as it seems Nigeria is floating off kilter. For the present we encourage our kin home and abroad to be quiet and work for the harmony and progress of SE”.

@Stevedameze: “Who are these “Southeast Governors?” Do we truly remember them? I don’t know whether they realize that they don’t represent the Igbos. They’ve lost any believability and a demonstration of majority disapproval has been passed on them. The supposed lead representatives don’t have their very own expression”.

@Nj99625368: “A grown-up needn’t bother with the assent of his parent to turn into a Gay/Lesbian. The supposed Leaders should comprehend that their assent is never required for us to have an alternate political assessment. It’s classified “Right to pick similarly as they have picked which gathering to have a place”.

@KennyAry1: “When was the last time any of our legislators paid attention to the longing of individuals and followed up for their benefit? The if I’m not mistaken these men have been addressing themselves and not their kin. What do you all expect when decisions in dark countries aren’t ‘political race’ yet ‘determination’.

@CharleslyObim0: “This is unimportant. Have they at any point upheld #IPOB #MaziNnamdiKanu. Pioneers that attempted to kill their own child by welcoming the adversaries to kill him and numerous others in his dads compound for the sake of python dance.”

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