Fuel Subsidy Bribe: Why Otedola Can’t Be Charged-Lawyer


A Professor of law, Yemi Akinseye-George (SAN), has said it is inconceivable for the government to charge Femi Otedola, oil tycoon, with pay off for the situation including Hon Farouk Lawan, who was given a 7-year prison sentence on Tuesday.

Lawan, the former executive of the House of Representatives impromptu Committee which tested fuel endowment, was indicted for requesting a pay off from Otedola to delist his organization, Zenon Oil and Gas Limited, from the organizations under test.

Lawan is as of now chilling in Kuje Prison in the country’s capital, Abuja.

There have been contentions on why Lawan was indicted while Otedola, who offered the pay off, is strolling as a liberated individual.

However, Akinseye-George said he (Otedola) doesn’t have a “liable goal”.

“The supplier doesn’t have what in law we call ‘blameworthy aim’. He realized he shouldn’t give a pay off and afterward educated the law authorization organization to make them part of the interaction; along these lines, he doesn’t have the liable goal and without this goal, the law doesn’t rebuff,” he said.

He clarified that for an offense of pay off to be submitted, there should be two components which are the psychological and actual components.

“The psychological component of the offense is the condition of the brain of the supplier at the time he gave. For this situation, you don’t have the degenerate mental component.

“The sum total of what you have is the actual component, which was with the information on law authorization specialists.

“That is the reason for this situation, you can’t discuss rebuffing the supplier on the grounds that the perspective of the provider was not to ruin yet to uncover defilement,” he added.

Evidence before court

In his declaration before the court in June 2019 said the cash he gave over to Lawan was given to him by the DSS.

He added that the supposed pay off cash was given to Lawan in a sting activity.

He said that the DSS, in any case, didn’t find Lawan in the act at the hour of gathering the cash from him (Otedola), as displayed in a video played in the open court.

He additionally told the court that he didn’t have any narrative evidence to the way that the cash was given to him by the DSS, saying that the cash was given to him in bits.

He further expressed that he didn’t bring down the chronic quantities of the cash given to him by the DSS, adding that he didn’t sign any record when gathering the cash in bits.

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