Kan Dapaah Explains Why Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator Was Removed With Force

Kan Dapaah

Addressing inquiries on the floor of the House on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, the National Security Minister believed that the men dispatched to compel the removal were public safety agents.

He, notwithstanding, wouldn’t uncover purposes behind the end of the arrangement of Mr. Opare-Addo, demanding the utilization of power was fundamental in light of the current situation.

“He [Opare-Addo] was on a three-year agreement to fill in as the Ashanti provincial security contact official after the termination of an underlying two-year contract which started on January fifth, 2018. His new arrangement produced results from January 1, 2020, and was to terminate on December 31, 2022.”

“Notwithstanding, his arrangement was ended on February 19, 2021, by the public safety facilitator. Upon the end of his agreement, DCOP Opare-Addo was paid his privileges according to his arrangement letter. Ensuing to the end of the arrangement, the service named Col Francis Arthur (rtd) as the new Ashanti local security contact official. The colonel’s arrangement produced results from first May 2021. However, he [Opare-Addo] wouldn’t give up to Colonel Francis Arthur. He then, at that point declined various solicitations from the public safety organizer to disclose his refusal to empty the workplace.”

Mr Dapaah further noticed that Opare-Addo’s consistent stay in office hindered crafted by the new local security contact official.

“Against this setting, work force from the service of public safety were on eleventh May 2021 dispatched to the Ashanti district to learn the justification DCOP Opare Addo’s refusal to empty his office. Also, in the event that it got important to change the locks of the way to his office. On appearance, the staff properly presented themselves however were met with demonstrations of aggression from DCOP Opare-Addo, including drawing his sidearm. The faculty figured out how to convince him and recovered the sidearm,” Mr. Dapaah told Parliament.

He added “till date, no authority objection has been made by DCOP Opare-Addo either to his nearby supervisor the public safety facilitator or to me as the area serve with respect to the supposed attack on him. Neither has the clergyman of public safety got any correspondence from the police comparable to the claims.”

“I will need to guarantee the House of our eagerness to explore the occurrence should any authority grumbling be made by DCOP Opare-Addo.”

In the mean time, the troubled previous Ashanti provincial Security Coordinator, Ashanti local Security Coordinator told the media after the occurrence that he was removed by individuals from NPP partnered vigilante bunch, Delta Force.

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