10 Recession Legitimate Business


There are many best low-cost recession-proof business ideas. And to be successful with them, you must take up a feasibility study and a market analysis on them, to come up with a strategy that will work for you.

Knowing the most lucrative recession-proof business ideas today is important if you are planning to start a business. However, there are a lot of business ideas which have risen in high ardent due to the economic situation of the world. Making the right choice for them will now determine how profitable your venture will be.

The best thing anyone can do for themselves is starting a recession-proof business because it has lots of importance in proofing and protecting your business from recession.

The truth remains that; building a recession-proof business has lots of challenges. But without much delay, you can turn it into a lucrative venture if only you are willing to remain committed to your services.

10 Recession Proof Business Ideas

  1. Information Technology Services
  2. Bottled Water Business
  3. Transportation Services
  4. Bulk Foodstuff Sales
  5. Health Care Services
  6. Food Business
  7. Sewer And Trash Disposal Services
  8. Online Businesses
  9. Hair Salon
  10. Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business

1. Information Technology Services

Information technology services have contributed to the economic growth of the world. However, if you have experience in IT-related activities, you can decide to start an information technology business.

The information technology business is among the recession-proof business ideas that will continue to thrive in this century.

How To Start An Information Technology Services

Area of Specification: If you have decided to start an information technology business, it is now left for you to decide what IT company you wish to open. You have to decide if you are going to offer general services or a specialized service.

Business Team: Staffing is very important when starting this kind of business. Ensure you have the right business team member who knows IT services.

Register Your Business: First, you have to choose a company name that suits your services. Secondly, the business name should be registered. Just follow the requirements provided and get your business registered.

Obtain The Needed Licenses And Permits: It is very important to get your company certified. Make research and obtain the necessary licenses and permits.

Start Your Company: It is vital to lay a good foundation for your Information Technology services. Therefore, you have to develop systems that best works for your business. This will help your company stay on track.

To sum it up, an information technology company is an organized business that requires high educational and technological skills. This is to say that, your team should be an expert in their specific field.

2. Bottled Water Business

Bottled water production is a capital-intensive business but a lucrative one. This is one of the best businesses in the world economy with a high return on investment.

The demand for bottled water products daily has proven that starting this business won’t come with regret unless you don’t have a good management practice.

Most importantly, you have to conduct adequate market research to know how to satisfy the markets irrespective of the competition.

How You Can Start A Bottled Water Business

Location: Selecting a suitable location need not be done in a hurry. It requires careful analysis. Thereby, you have to consider locations that are easily accessible.

Business Licenses: This business requires full certification. Not only that, but you also need to register your bottled water company. The licenses and permits usually come from food and drugs administration agencies. So you have to find the current agencies in your country and get a license.

Buy And Install Needed Equipment: Make sure you purchase the needed equipment for your bottled water production business. And also install the needed facilities in your factory.

Employ Workers: Employ workers who are knowledgeable in terms of operating the machines and equipment.

The bottled water production business is indeed a recession-proof business opportunity.

3. Transportation Services

The transportation business is still growing as the world population is increasing. So going into transport services is a vital proposition since there is already a market for you.

What makes the transportation services a recession-proof business is a demand for commercial transporting services which takes place every day. This is to say that, there are always transport activities daily. Whereby, allowing you to come into the industry.

How To Start A Transportation Business (Services)

Decide The Type Of Transportation Business To Start: There are different types of transportation businesses out there for you to choose for a start. So, therefore, you have to choose from your preferred line of business.

Choose A Name For Your Transport Services: You will need to determine a name for your business. And also, choose the legal structure of your transport business. This includes whether to establish it as a sole proprietorship, LLC, or as a partnership.

Now that you have chosen the name and structure of your business, you will have to register your business. But let it be known to you that, the requirements for registering your business depend on the structure of your business. However, you have to meet up the recommended requirements to get your business registered.

In addition, when starting a transportation business, there are many licenses and permits required by the state/local government. So you have to make sure that you get the right licenses before operation.

Location For Your Business: An adequate research will be needed to come up with the best location for your transport business.

Purchase Your Vehicles: When you buy the needed vehicles according to your line of business, you will have to register the vehicles with the right licensing authority. And also obtain vehicle insurance and other needed documentation that will enable you to operate your business smoothly.

Hire Drivers: It is very important to hire professional drivers for your transport services.

Starting a transportation business has lots of terminologies and critical rules and regulations. Meanwhile, you have to understand them well before getting started.

4. Bulk Foodstuff Sales

Another business that you should consider starting if you are interested in the recession-proof business is bulk foodstuff sales. Many don’t know the profitability in this field of business. But starting it is the best decision ever.

Foodstuff sales require proper planning. However, you need to inspect the market and come up with a good marketing strategy before venturing into it.

Steps You Can Follow To Start Your Own Foodstuff Sales Business

Choose Your Niche: Identify the type of foodstuff sales you want to sell, because there are many varieties of foodstuff to sell.

Register Your Foodstuff Sales Business: It will be necessary to register your foodstuff sales business under the needed agencies in your state. And also get the required permits and licenses for your business.

Find A Suitable Location: Your business should be situated where your suppliers and potential customers can be found. After that, you set up your store and get all the necessary facilities ready.

Get A Delivery Van: A delivery van serves the purpose of delivering large quantity foodstuff to your customers who made orders for them.

Getting A Supplier: Contact reliable suppliers that will supply you with foodstuffs for your business. Also, try as much as possible to establish a good relationship with them.

Foodstuff sales is a fast-growing business since everyone needs foodstuffs in preparing their daily food. Perhaps, you need to set up your payment structure and hire staff to successfully run your business.

5. Health Care Services

Health care services are ventures that won’t cease. The health care center offers services like diagnosis, treatment, and care for people that have health problems.

Healthcare services play an important role in the economy by promoting good health among the people. Engaging in this business venture will yield good profits while taking care of your patients. Healthcare services are not only among the recession-proof business ideas, but it is among the profitable ventures around the world.

How To Start Healthcare Services

Meet Up With The Legal Requirements: This business is highly regulated by the government. And therefore, you have to meet up the requirements, qualifications, and accreditations.

Choose a Good Location: Just like any other business out there, the location of your healthcare center will determine how successful it is in the long run.

Construct Your Healthcare Center: There are two ways about it. Either you hire a good building structure or you build one for your services.

Buy The Needed Equipment: After you must have set up your health care center. The next option is to buy the basic equipment to enable you to start.

Staffing: Your nurses and doctors should have the basic qualification which shows that they are qualified to serve in any health sector.

Hiring individuals with experience will help your business run smoothly.

6. Food Business

This can also be called an eatery business. The food business is lucrative in the world. There is a lot of profit to be made in this food business. It doesn’t require high capital investment for a startup. And it can be started base on the size you want to operate it.

This venture is a lucrative business due to the demand for food services across the country. This business isn’t influenced or affected by the recession.

Starting A Food Business

Know All The Basics Of Cooking: You should know about cooking different varieties of food before thinking of starting a food business. However, you can achieve this by going for tutorials, or through catering schools.

Get A Good Location: Consider a location that is in commercial areas. This will enable fast patronage of your services.

Purchase Equipment And Food Materials: Equipment is essentials when starting a food business. So ensure to buy the needed equipment and materials.

Employ Staff: Now you have to employ good caterers that will keep your business running.

The food business will continue to be one of the profitable million-dollar businesses for entrepreneurs. However, conduct a feasibility study to understand the market.

7. Sewer And Trash Disposal Services

The waste collection business is worth investing in. Hereby, that’s where the sewer and trash disposal services come in.

Starting a sewer and trash disposal service can be an enterprising side business for you since plenty of opportunities lie within it. Launching this business is easier than you think. To get started, you will need good planning, and a lot of training to understand the basics of the business.

How To Start A Sewer And Trash Disposal Services

Choose A Business Name: Choosing a business name will make your business easily recognizable. The name should be unique and easy to pronounce. Now register your business and get the necessary permits and licenses from your state or local government.

Purchase Sewage And Trash Disposal Equipments: Make all the equipment and tools available.

Find An Office: You need an office where clients can come and make inquiries about your services. Ensure to make your office organize and comfortable for your clients.

Hire Clients: Hire workers for your sewer and trash disposal services. Drivers and laborers are the most recommended.

There is money in sewer and trash disposal services. Also, ensure to make inquiries to know where other waste disposal company’s are dumping their waste collections.

8. Online Businesses

Of course, online businesses are the most recession-proof business to start in this century. And for you to make money online, it is therefore important that you understand the basics and steps to follow.

Online businesses have created many millionaires & billionaires and still counting. Starting one will require careful analysis.

However, here are 10 online businesses that are profitable even in recession periods:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Freelancing
  4. Blogging
  5. Domains and websites flipping
  6. Online videos
  7. Website designing
  8. Online tutorials
  9. Web hosting business
  10. Selling of digital products

These online businesses are very profitable and easier to maintain. Choose one and get started asap!

9. Hair Salon

Looking good is a business. And hair is one of the major parts of the body that can be beautified. When you want to list out recession-proof business ideas, you have to mention a hair salon business as one of them.

The fashion industry is an ongoing process, and as a result of that, a hair salon business will continue to be profitable. Meanwhile, one of the importance of this business is that it is also a work from home business idea.

Services offered in the hair salon include manicuring, hair coloring, hairdressing, pedicure, hair cut, hair styling, and selling of hair products.

How To Start A Hair Salon Business

Have The Knowledge: Starting a hair salon business, requires you to know about hairdos and services.

Choose A Location: Your choice of location should be where to find potential customers that will be interested in your hair services. And also try and set something different from your competitors to be more unique. Rent a shop and furnish it to a beautiful and comfortable taste, and you will be going to start.

Purchase The Important Equipment: Hair salon equipment includes; Mirrors, hair styling tools, electronic grooming equipment, shampoos and conditioners, tonging equipment, modern chairs, etc.

To sum it up, marketing is vital for the success of your business. So make sure to use word of mouth and other online & offline techniques to promote your business.

10. Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business

A laundry and dry cleaning business offer the services of washing, drying, and ironing clothes and other clothing materials for customers. There is high demand for cleaning services for clothing in all areas across the cities. This thereby makes laundry services a lucrative venture.

However, with good planning and market analysis, starting a laundry/dry cleaning business can be a wonderful way to money even in a recession period.

How To Start A Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business

Finding A Suitable Location: The location settings for your laundry services are very important. Location in open places is advised.

Get Business Licenses And Permits: You will need to obtain licenses and permits to start your laundry and dry cleaning business. You can get it by contacting your state/local government officials.

Purchase The Necessary Laundry Equipment: Necessary dry cleaning equipment must be procured. Some of the basic materials and equipment are Laundry detergents, washing machines, tables, irons for clothes, dryers, hangers, nylons and tags, garment conveyors, etc.

Promote Your Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business: Reaching out to more customers is the goal. Therefore, you have to come up with good marketing strategies to market your laundry business.

In Conclusion

It is important to note that despite the money that is made from the above recession-proof businesses, the business is not for lazy people. Recession-proof businesses require smart work, market analysis, and proper planning before starting any of them.

This list of 10 recession-proof business ideas was written according to detailed research. This is to say that, they are the best among the rest.

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