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4 years ago, I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life – Sanaaheneba Akua Manfo writes

“This time 4 years ago, I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life. Although I personally knew and liked Mahama and had encouraged Ghanaians to vote for him, I was frustrated with his government and life in the Asylum.

My ex, thus, challenged me to campaign for Nana because: ‘If Nana can’t make Ghana work, nobody can. I’ll lay down my head for him. Nana is like you, no-nonsense. He hates corruption. Imagine if you are President how things would be. That is Nana’.

So, although I wasn’t convinced, I allowed myself to be pushed into campaigning. The rest is history. We all make mistakes. All I can do now is forgive myself and ask those who voted Nana because of me to also forgive me.

As for that ex… I’ve yet to forgive him for had it not been for him, I would never have campaigned for Nana. Lol. That’s the absolute truth. Meanwhile, the word from my street hustlers is they are not voting because I’m not. Sweet. Moral of the story? Follow your gut because everything I told my ex is happening… big-time corruption and nepotism. I was right and should never have listened to my ex. Ah well.”

Iddrisu Muftaw | Talks Africa Media



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