Prof Kwaku Azar Writes On Ghana School of Law Entrance Examination


Over 2,700 students have paid ₵450 each to participate in a lottery to attend the only school in Ghana that offers the so called professional law course, a precondition for taking the qualifying certificate of examination. That is over $200,000 in just entrance exam fee.

This is exactly the type of monopoly that those who framed the Constitution bans at Article 25(2).
But the Supreme Court of the land that has been given the solemn duty to enforce the Constitution claims it is unaware of this practice notwithstanding that LI 2235, which created this monopoly has been brought to its attention in excruciating detail.
Notwithstanding that the author of the opinion teaches at this school.
Notwithstanding that we have a ministry of justice.
Notwithstanding that the regulator who is engaged in the unconstitutionality is populated by senior Supreme Court justices.
Notwithstanding that Dean’s statements that they can offer the course but are prevented from doing so have been brought to their attention.
Notwithstanding that statements on mass production of lawyers not allowed have been brought to their attention.
They want us to be so intimidated by their awesome power that we shut up when there is glaring abuse of the Constitution.
We must complain when students misbehave but adults can break the law, lie about it and get away with it with impunity!!
So there are over 11 universities able and willing to teach professional law to students who are eager to learn and pay for it in a country that badly needs lawyers. But we will keep everyone out of the profession because a few people have found a way to drink some soup out of the students’ predicament and to the nation’s detriment!!!!
Truth must Stand if Discipline is to have a chance!!!!
Da Yie!
Iddrisu Muftaw |



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