Achimota School Reportedly Denies Two Dreadlocks Students From Gaining Admission

Two students with dreadlock have been reportedly denied from gaining admission to the Achimota Senior High School.

According to interviews, the school authorities said it is against the school rules and regulations  for a student with a dreadlocks  to be accepted into the school.

The school authorities have deprived two intelligent students who gain admission into the school by the computerized placement system due to their cultural beliefs of having a dreadlock.

One of the parents among the two students sent her sentiment on this sad news as his son was happy to be posted in the school.

The Former Kumbugu Mp who was concern about this issue raised a concern about how the school treated the parents. He stated that, it is a violation of Article 21(1)c, 25(1), 26(1), 28(3),28(4) of the 1992 Constitution.

Mr.Mubarak in his Facebook post stated  that A person should not be deprived of school  in his or her good  mental state that it is boldly written in the constitution that students have the right to go to school, in which dreadlock should not be a factor to prohibit a student into going to school as it deprives  him or her of his fundamental freedom.

He stated that even though a school have it rules and regulation, such regulations are not above the supreme law. Therefore, it was bad for the school to allegedly deprive the students from gaining admission.

We are yet to receive response from the school authorities as the matter is not over.

In conclusion, what is your opinion on this issue, will the students be given a chance or not?

Written by Daniella Quiste


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