Alfred Woyome breaks silence on alleged military intimidation on Voltaians in border towns of Volta


Popular self acclaimed businessman, Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome has also added his voice to the crusade against intimidation by military personnel in the wake of deployment in border towns across the Oti and Volta region of Ghana.

According to the Woyome, the chiefs and people of those areas in the Volta Region have the absolute right to form community watchdog committees in order to stop these hooligans holding guns, disturbing the peace and entering people’s homes to stop them.

“If you don’t have a paper from the court, they must not be allowed to enter anybody’s compound. In doing so, they’ll be doing themselves the legitimate duty, and this country, and exercising their rights.” He lamented.

Mr. Woyome has also accused Voltaian NPP of peddling lies triggering the whole military deployment exercise in the area by the government, adding that, Voltarians that are in the NPP, who joined the party today, were not even part of the UP thing and other things; adding that, they joined because of their own reason or how they might be treated in NDC.

In his words of admonition he said; Voltaian NPP should be very careful, because, they are living in a community as a minority and cannot continue generating lies and sending fear and everything prompting government to send in troupes.

“I’m not also going to tell the ruling government the consequence of what they are doing when there is a change of regime. What I want to say is that I want to come personally now, for the personal bond that we share between us and Nana. I just want to suggest to him that he should be extremely careful”. He further stressed.
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