Andy of Mentor 1 fame reveals how he got poisoned 3 times


Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Andy Koduah Darlington, popularly known by his stage name as Andy has revealed on the ‘Okukuseku Talk Show’ that he has been poisoned 3 times in his life Journey.

According to Andy who was recognized in 2006 through ‘Mentor’, a talent show on TV3, the first time he got poisoned was during his Mentor days when he got poisoned by perhaps someone who thought he was a threat to him or her for the competition. He explained further that, after eating his food he was rushed to the Holy Trinity hospital where he was admitted for 3 days and was told it was due to poisoning and was later told not to let anyone know since the competition was almost through so he kept it to himself and moved on.

Speaking on how he got poisoned for the second time, the musician narrated that he was to perform at a program (Miss Poly) at the Sunyani Polytechnic after he received a phone call from one of the program organizers, although he was ill at that time he felt he could still perform so drove to Sunyahni and upon arrival that night, he was given Guinness and some other alcoholic beverages of which he declined and was then given Malt and meat pie.

He added that, after taking in the malt and meat pie, it was almost time for him to perform but felt so much dizziness and managed to leave the crowd. There he started vomiting blood and fast forward found himself at the Okomfo Anokye hospital in Kumasi, there the doctor who took care of him advised him to be more prayerful and careful as the food he had taken was poisoned and could have stayed months in his system and destroy his intensities before it would be noticed.

On his 3rd time of being poisoned was his girlfriend from then whose friend advised her to go to a native doctor who would give her some medicines which would make him love her more. Andy disclosed that it took her a year before she confessed and he added that even though that medicine was not meant to poison him he saw it as such since she could sneak and put something in his food without his knowledge.

In his conclusion, he advised that one must be careful with whoever they deal with and be prayerful while they have it in mind that humans have flaws and could do anything to themselves at anytime.

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