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Any Citizen That Fails To Participate In The Upcoming Census Will Face The Law-Ghana Statistitians


An Analyst with the Ghana Factual Assistance (GSS) says people who will pass on the 2021 computerized populace and lodging registration or give bogus information will be at risk to a year prison term.

Talking on The Test, Educator Samuel Kobina Annim said all people are ordered to participate in the activity to guarantee the nation has precise information to work with.

“There is no space for an individual or gathering of people in Ghana to swear off the evaluation work out. Without a doubt condition 54 of the Factual Assistance Act (2019) has the subtitle offenses and punishments and it orders everybody in Ghana to give us exact information eagerly once we approach the individual,” he said.

Prof Annim anyway disclosed to Emefa Apawu that the Assistance barely seeks after the law when people are reluctant to take an interest in the activity.

He expressed that the GSS would prefer to persuade occupants who are dubious of the cycle through schooling, exposure and support on the need to get checked.

“We would around this time need to discover individuals who for some explanation won’t have any desire to take part in the registration and we are hopeful that once we do the instruction, when we disclose to them why this evaluation is significant, we will encourage every one of them to come ready for the action.”

Prof Annim said that assuming people are as yet reluctant to take part simultaneously, the law should produce results.

He added that the help is making an honest effort to guarantee that everyone in the nation is tallied during the evaluation.

“As I showed, condition 54 is offenses and punishment and in there it says that someone who gives illegitimate data or decays to give data is responsible to not over a year detainment and 200 units of punishment.”

2021 Populace Evaluation

The 2021 Populace Evaluation is relied upon to start on Sunday June 27. The date has been endorsed by the Administration and the Public Enumeration Guiding Board of trustees.

The 2021 Populace and Lodging Evaluation (PHC), with the trademark, “You Tally, Get Checked” will give the chance to the nation to accumulate solid and complete information on the populace towards changing the economy for manageable turn of events.

The Evaluation Night will be the reference point for all data to be gathered on the populace and imprint the start of the list period of the 2021 Enumeration work out.

The GSS is the lead organization for the direct of the evaluation and has separated the country into 51,921 specification zones to guarantee simple assortment of geospatial information across the 260 metropolitan, civil and area congregations.

Written by Edet Esah


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