Basketball President calls for support from government


President for the Ghana Basketball Association David Addo-Ashong has revealed that the association lacks infrastructure and other logistics needed for the growth of the sports.

According to him the sports is accepted natiomwide with lot of followers but much is not been done to it growth which he believes is disturbing.

He opined that,the association lacks a world class basketball court that can be used to prepare for national and international competitions.

“I’m sad that we keep complaining yet nothing is done about it, basketball is now a growing sports in the country yet we can’t adequately invest in it,we don’t have a basketball court which is very bad”

Mr Ashong further called on the government and other corporate bodies to invest in the sports to create employment and wealth as well as helping to curb down the unemployment rate in the country

“I hope and pray the authorities will come to our aid and invest in this game thereby aiding in decreasing the unemployment rate”

He pointed out that there are talents in abound in Ghana thereby we should start unearthing this young talents and groom them for the future when it comes to basketball.

“For talent we have but the problem is how we can groom them for the future,I know it’s not over so we will surely get there”

David Addo-Ashong was ones a University of Ghana Basketball player in the late 70’s who represented his school in the Ghana Universities Sports Association games (GUSA) and other competitions in Africa.

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