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Bawumia Records Major First Term Accomplishments Of Akufo-Addo Gov’t


The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has given a firm sign of a take off by the Akufo-Addo government to execute its second term vision after the endorsement of its first second term financial plan.

Parliament a week ago endorsed the 2021 Budget and the House is relied upon to settle the assignment bill on Monday to clear route for the public authority to take off

As he expressed government’s energy to begin carrying out its subsequent term programs, Vice President Bawumia, who is additionally top of government’s financial supervisory group, has likewise laid out significant initial term achievements of the Akufo-Addo government.

“Dear Friends, as we anticipate the execution of the 2021 financial plan in our subsequent term, it is significant that we observe the achievements of the Nana Akufo-Addo government in our initial term in the wake of acquiring an economy in emergency. Here are a few:,” Dr. Bawumia composed on Facebook on Sunday.

He at that point proceeded to list all the significant initial term achievements in various areas.

On macroeconomic administration, Dr. Bawumia expressed the decrease of expansion from 15.4 percent in 2016 to 10.4 percent toward the finish of 2020, decrease of normal loaning rates from 32% in 2016 to 21 percent in 2020, least normal swapping scale devaluation for any initial term government since 1992 at 7.3 percent, expanded inner stores $6.1b in 2016 to 68.7b in 2020, overhauled sovereign FICO assessment from B-to B, among other financial increases.

In different areas, the Vice President likewise recorded enormous industrialisation accomplishment under 1D1F, expanded food creation through Planting for Food and Jobs, presentation of annuity conspire for cocoa farmes, around 550,000 public business openings, which included specialists, educators, medical caretakers, other wellbeing laborers and cops.

Dr. Bawumia likewise addressed government’s endeavors at lessening the pace of obligation aggregation per anum; from a normal of 243% per anum between 2012-2016 to a normal of 137% per anum somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2020.


As the public authority anticipates its subsequent term, Dr. Bawumia recognized a few difficulties confronting the Ghanaian economy, particularly the effect of COVID-19, and guaranteed that the public authority will put forth a valiant effort to change the Ghanaian economy to assist all.

“Despite these strong accomplishments, there are still difficulties confronting the Ghanaian economy and Ghanaians following the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and I anticipate working with President Akufo-Addo to address these difficulties and follow through on his vision to change and modernize the economy to assist all Ghanaians in our subsequent term,” Dr. Bawumia composed.

The following is the rundown of achievements as posted by Vice President Bawumia:

  1. Swelling has been diminished from 15.4% in 2016 to 10.4% toward the finish of 2020

  2. Diminished normal loaning rates from 32% in 2016 to 21% in 2020.

  3. The normal conversion scale deterioration throughout the most recent four years (7.3%) is the least for any initial term government since 1992. The year 2020 recorded the most reduced pace of devaluation over the most recent 28 years.

  4. Tidied up the wreck in the monetary area that we acquired and saved the stores of 4.6 million contributors.

  5. Ghana has been reliably one of the quickest developing economies on the planet for every one of the most recent four years. despite the decrease of GDP development to 0.9% in 2020 because of COVID-19.

  6. Without precedent for more than twenty years, the exchange balance (the contrast between what we send out and what we import) recorded an excess for four successive years from 2017-2020.

  7. Ghana’s Gross International Reserves expanded from $6.1 billion (3.5 long periods of imports) in 2016 to $8.6 billion out of 2020 (4.1 long periods of imports).

  8. Effectively left the IMF program

  9. Ghana’s sovereign FICO assessment redesigned from B-in 2016 to B with a steady viewpoint. First update in quite a while

  10. Planting for Food and Jobs has expanded food creation. It has prompted a 71% expansion in the public creation of maize and 34% in paddy rice.

  11. The Global Food Security Index, which estimates reasonableness, accessibility and nature of food across 113 nations, set Ghana in 59th situation in 2019, up from 78th situation in 2016.

  12. Presented a benefits plot for cocoa ranchers. The primary such plan since autonomy.

  13. Set up a Tree Crop Development Authority with an emphasis on mango, cashew, elastic, oil palm, shea and coconut.

  14. Carried out the One District One Warehouse activity

  15. Carried out One District, One Factory Initiative. In four years, 76 organizations are in activity under 1D1F.

  16. The new Automotive Sector Development Policy has brought about VW, Sinotruk, Kantanka Group, and Nissan all gathering vehicles in Ghana.

  17. We have set up the Ghana Integrated Aluminum Development Corporation (GIADEC) and the Ghana Integrated Iron and Steel Development Corporation (GIISDEC), the two of which are advancing consistently in the improvement of these enterprises.

  18. Set up the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO). 100,000 alumni utilized

  19. Selected attendants, specialists, and other medical care laborers, instructors, cops, and numerous others in the public area after numerous long periods of business freeze under the past Government. In any event 550,000 public area laborers enrolled.

  20. Import obligations decreased by between 30%-half

  21. Most minimal normal yearly increment (8.25%) in oil costs in the fourth republic

  22. Aggregately, we decreased power duties for private, business, and modern customers during our initial term; the lone government in the fourth republic to do as such.

  23. The pace of development of the obligation stock has been diminished from a normal of 243% per annum between 2012-2016 to a normal of 137% per annum somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2020. The obligation to GDP proportion anyway expanded from 56.8% in 2016 to 76.1% in 2020 to a great extent because of the monetary effect of COVID-19, abundance limit charges and the expense of the monetary area tidy up.

  24. Restarted the tasks of Anglogold Ashanti’s Obuasi Mine, the Ghana Publishing Company, WAMCO, just as GhanaPost with specialist work creation.

  25. We have selected 15.5 million individuals on the biometric National ID card (Ghanacard) plot.

  26. We have carried out an advanced location framework catching each square inch of land or water in Ghana.

  27. Carried out the momentous Mobile Money interoperability (MMI) project. Ghana is the solitary country on the planet that has hitherto carried out our variant of MMI.

  28. Ghana is right now the quickest developing portable currency market in Africa. Ghana has 36.9 million enrolled versatile cash accounts.

  29. Ghana is the primary country on the planet to carry out a Universal QR Code installment framework that obliges both financial balances and versatile wallets.

  30. We have made it simple for individuals to restore their public medical coverage participation on their telephones without investing valuable energy in long lines.

  31. ECG clients can now effectively purchase prepaid power units helpfully from any place you are from your cell phone.

  32. The online identification application measures are helping numerous individuals and making it simpler to get a visa.

  33. Digitization at the port, end of long room, and smoothed out reviews and improved requirement has made it simpler to clear merchandise and checked debasement simultaneously.

  34. Following digitization at the Scholarship Secretariat, everybody can apply for grant and get same in the solace of their home by means of online applications.

  35. We have digitized our court framework through the presentation of : e-equity framework to end the manual documenting measures

of Ghana Case Tracking System – electronic case following –

Electronic case appropriation framework – reasonable, impartial and straightforward conveyance of cases

  1. We have carried out the digitization of Motor Insurance Database. All protection strategies, which presently have key security highlights, have been synchronized to a public data set, which can be gotten to just with any cell phone by the guaranteed, the police, and the general population.

  2. We have digitized the activities of DVLA and today our residents have a significantly more helpful and simple approach to procure their driver’s permit and register their vehicles.

  3. We have begun mechanization of our clinics and we have seen effective and improved assistance conveyances at emergency clinics that we have carried out this. The objective is to go paperless altogether clinics inside two years.

  4. We have finished the framework to give free Wifi to every one of the 722 senior secondary schools, the 46 Colleges of Education, 260 region instruction workplaces, and an underlying effective pilot of 13 state funded colleges.

  5. We have built up an all in one resource for taxpayer driven organizations (Ghana.Gov). The cycle of on-boarding all administration foundations is progressing. On this site you can apply for and get different taxpayer supported organizations from MMDAs.

  6. By making the National ID number the TIN number, we have expanded the quantity of individuals with TIN numbers from 750,000 of every 2016 to 15.5 million

  7. By making the National ID number the SSNIT number, we have expanded the quantity of individuals with SSNIT numbers from 3 million to 15.5 million

  8. The National Health Insurance number is presently your Ghanacard number

  9. The digitization of the births and passings vault is 80% finished

  10. Abrogated extract obligation on petrol

  11. Diminished exceptional oil charge rate from 17.5% to 15%.

  12. Abrogated the 1% Special Import Levy

  13. Abrogated the 17.5% VAT/NHIL on homegrown carrier tickets.

  14. Abrogated the 17.5% VAT/NHIL on monetary administrations

  15. Annulled the 17.5% VAT/NHIL on chose imported meds, that are not delivered locally

  16. Canceled the 5% VAT/NHIL on Re

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