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Biden Unveils $700bn proposal to revive US industry


Democratic Contender, Joe Biden has layed out optimistic economic vision to revive the United States economy.


He said he would also address the systematic inequality and prepare the US for threats posed by future pandemics and climate change.

Joe Biden delivered this at the first in a series of speeches at a metalworks near his hometown Scranton in Pennsylvania, detailing his economic agenda.

He declared manufacturing ‘part of the engine of American prosperity now’, and accused the President Trump of protecting wealthy ‘cronies and pals’ instead of working families.

“Throughout this crisis, Donald Trump has been almost singularly focused on the stock market, the Dow, the Nasdaq-not you, not your families.

“If I am fortunate enough to be elected president, I will be laser-focused on working families”, he said.

Biden also accused Trump of bungling the response to the Coronavirus, emphatically stating that, “Trump’s failures come with a terrible human cost and a deep economic toll”.

He added that “time and time again, working families are paying the price for Donald Trump’s incompetence”.


Other policies include making it easier for workers to bargain collectively and tightening enforcement of ‘buy American’ laws designed to protect American industry.

This is part of a broader economic platform to mobilize the American people, which includes an investment in a ‘clean energy future’

“The push to ‘buy American’ will support caregivers and domestic workers as well as racial equality”, Biden’s campaign said.

Biden’s campaign unveiled a proposal to invest $300bn in research and development of technologies such as electric vehicles, 5G cellular networks and artificial intelligence.

In addition, $400bn for federal procurement of products made in the U.S. This, would create at least 5million new jobs in manufacturing and innovation.
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