CEO of Kaeme cosmetics still pays staffs amidst COVID-19 workers “leave”


Founder of Kaeme Cosmetic Company, Freda Obeng-Ampofo has disclosed that, she still pays her staffs even though they do not report to work because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She made the disclosure while speaking on Voices of the Pandemic on CNN.

Mrs. Obeng-Ampofo admitted that, the current circumstances is really affecting her business and has slowed production to the tune of 95% low revenue.

She said the company continues to pay their staffs because, most of them have families and relatives depending on them for food and other things, so denying them salary will be a big blow to them.

“We are 95% down in terms of revenue but also we are continuing to pay our staffs because our employees are our biggest assets and we try and give them what they need, that they would be able to stay, this is probably one of the hardest times in their lives, most of them might be catering for their brothers and sisters and families, so by denying them their salary, you are essentially denying an entire family of their livelihood, it’s a tough decision for us because we are not getting any revenue coming in, but we really want to make sure that during this time our employees are taken care of”….she noted.

However, recent reports indicates that, the outbreak of the pandemic has affected many business locally and internationally. According to a data from the international commodities market, crude oil lost 0.32 dollars representing 0.90% of barrels per crude trading at 35 dollars 18 cents per barrel. Cocoa however, gained some revenue of 25 dollars representing 1.03% dollars per tonne, indicating that trading was closed at 2,454 dollars last week.

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