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Can Tuberculosis Be Cured?

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that affects the lungs. Tuberculosis is communicable and spreads from one person to the other through droplets released into the air via coughs and sneezes.

According to research, the greater portion of the world’s population is habouring the TB causative agent (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), for one to exhibit the signs and symptoms of TB it means the immunity of the individual has been compromised.

The infestation of viruses such as HIV and shingles can break the immunity of a person.

Hence there are two stages of tuberculosis which are; latent TB where the virus lies dormant and inactive and it’s not infectious. And estimated 2 million people have latent TB. Secondly is Active TB– this makes you ill in most cases and spread to others.

There is an extensive treatment of regimen for TB. Therefore it’s curable.



Causes of Diabetes - What Causes Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease which impairs the body’s ability to process blood sugar. This occurs when the human pancreas is diseased.

Pancreas: Functions and disorders

The pancreas secrets insulin from the beta cells which regulates blood sugar. In diabetes, it is either the pancreas is not secreting insulin (type 1) or the body is not utilizing the insulin as a result of limited insulin production or the body cells have develop resistance to the insulin and don’t utilize it as it used to (type 2).

Other type of diabetes include gestational diabetes- onset of diabetes during pregnancy and a result of hormonal imbalances. type one diabetes is solely insulin dependent, since the body cannot no produce insulin. it is called synthetic insulin.

In Type two diabetes medication are administered, a class of drug is insulin secretagogues (Glimepiride) and biguanides (metformin).



HIV/AIDS – National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

Human immunodeficiency virus is a virus that attacks the cells that helps the body to fight against infection, making a person more vulnerable to other diseases and infections. It mainly spreads through contacts with fluids of an infected person, most commonly during unprotected sex.

Hence, clearly  one of the most deadly sexually transmitted infections. Sharing of injection drug equipment (syringes), exposure to sharps used by an infected person can predispose one to contracting the virus.

An untreated HIV leads to AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome).A syndrome is clast of signs and symptoms of various kind of infection and diseases.

Immediate exposure to HIV various can be completely curbed by the use of post-exposure prophylactic drugs. This drugs are taken within 24 hours after exposure. Pre-prophylactic drugs are taken to prevent one from contracting the HIV during sexual intercourse. AIDS is the late stage of HIV.  this is when the human cells are badly damaged by the virus far beyond repair.

Sales Promotion and Publicity: Definition, Concepts, Videos and Examples


Education on this diseases are near to zero now. But it certainly shouldn’t be as such, these are conditions that arise as a result of our everyday activities (lifestyle).in our subsequent articles we will look into details some of this conditions are that have lost recognition in the public domain but its gradually killing people.

Some individuals mostly seek medical attention just when the disease has reached the latter stage and the highest complication is either death or disability.

Therefore education must be actively done, not only for the above conditions  but also for other dreadful diseases. The above stated is just but a few.



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