College Of Energy And Normal Assets To Guide E-cruisers With Sunlight Based Energy


The College of Energy and Normal Assets (UENR) has cooperated with different establishments to guide an electronic cruiser, which will be fueled by sun powered created energy.

The E-bicycles to be fitted with meters, utilizing environmentally friendly power, will be charged at assigned charging stations at the College.

The venture is assessed to cost some $357,000 and will be supported by the German government.

The Bochum College of Applied Science and Wear Bosco, are the fundamental accomplices in the task.

The venture is pointed toward decreasing environmental change and fossil fuel byproducts by taking a gander at the utilization of sustainable power in the transportation area.

Ing. Dr. Eric Antwi Ofosu, Chief, RCEES

Taking into account this, a notice of comprehension among UENR and Bochum College of Applied Science in Germany has been endorsed during a commencement workshop coordinated by the accomplices in Sunyani.

Ing. Dr Eric Antwi Ofosu, Chief, Territorial Community for Energy and Natural Manageability, said, having dispatched the venture and arrangements marked, they will do the establishment of the charging frameworks.

As per him, the bicycles will be brought down for the 3-year undertaking to start in 2021.

He said UENR is doing the guiding and examination study to perceive how practical it will be.

“We take a gander at our street plans and give freedoms to cruiser paths, at that point we can project such a task. Furthermore, our bountiful sun oriented energy gets valuable in our vehicle area. Fuel costs proceed to increment, and assuming we can fall back on sun oriented energy, it will be acceptable since that is the thing that UENR is about where we can utilize energy in a feasible way across all areas”, he said.

Prof. Elvis Asare-Bediako, VC, UENR, marking MoU

Ing. Dr. Antwi Ofosu, who is additionally a Senior teacher at the Branch of Energy and Natural Designing at UENR, clarified, “We have Wear Bosco in Tema as an accomplice, who has a charging framework. There will be one charging framework additionally at the UENR so that individuals can come and charge the bicycle. The bicycle will have a meter that will show how much energy is accessible consistently. We will put a couple of E-motorbikes across town where individuals can pay something for it and drive it across town”.

The Bad habit chancellor of UENR, Prof. Elvis Asare-Bediako, said, the undertaking is additionally pointed toward giving solid and clean energy to fulfill SDG 7.

He noticed, that it will likewise assist the College with creating more sunlight based energy to control the E-bikes, particularly when the understudies are on vacations.

Once more, the abundance energy could be diverted into different areas of the College or offered to the general population to help create assets for more examination study to support the picture of the College and the undertaking could be scaled to different Colleges in this manner making UENR and Wear Bosco a focal point of greatness.

Prof. Elvis Asare-Bediako, VC, UENR

He further said, the task will diminish the energy interest on the public framework and cut down costs while the bicycles will improve the development of understudies and staff inside the College, as it will be practical.

He, along these lines, spoke to the public authority through the Service of Transport to help the task to support environmentally friendly power creation and its utilization to meet the vision of setting up UENR.

On her part, the Bono Local Priest, Justina Owusu Banahene, noticed that the public authority’s arrangement to increment sustainable power blend by 2030 is as yet on course and recognized UENR for having about 90% of their streetlamps utilizing sunlight based energy while moving them to extend it past the college.

The Priest promised the help of the Bono Local Organizing Committee to the execution of the MoNaL project around there.

Written by Edet Esah


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