Congo president declares anti-corruption fight


The President of Congo, Felix Tshisekedi has declared to fight corruption in the country.

He said that corruption has  engulfed the nation since it achieved its independence.

He also said that impunity hindered the country’s development thus, vowed to root out the canker.

He said this at a special ceremony when the Nation marked its 60th Anniversary amid a global reckoning over racial inequality.

It was commemorated in Belgium with gestures of atonement as the people of Congo reflected on the nation’s struggles over the decades and ponder on ways to move forward.

In a televised speech late Monday, Tshisekedi pledged to root out impunity so that the country could move forward.

From independence to the present day, the main effect of our political policy has been to dilute efficiency, to dilute responsibility and ultimately to do a disservice,” the president said.

On Tuesday in Belgium, statutes of Congo’s brutal colonial ruler, King Leopold II, was removed, as countries confront legacies of slavery and colonialism.

On the other hand, Belgium’s King Philippe, in a stopped short of an official apology, expressed his deepest regrets for the acts of violence and cruelty, as well as humiliation suffered by the people during the colonial era.


The Central African, vast mineral rich country, Congo, suffered decades of oppression after annexed by Belgium in 1908.

After independence in 1960, Congo soon fell under the repressive rule of Mobutu Sese Seko who ruled for 32 years.

The first leader after Mobutu’s death was assassinated, and his son Joseph Kabila then took over and headed the country for 18 years.

Tshisekedi, whose father led Congo’s largest opposition party until his death, took office last year but only after long-delayed elections were finally held.

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