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Corona Quacks: A Nation Grappling with Corruption in the wake of a pandemic


Ace Ghanaian undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas whose work has immensely contributed to a major transformation in the Ghanaian society which has ignited the spirit of probity and accountability in the democratic process is guided by three principles in the discharge of his investigative duties in exposing rots.

These principles which include name, shame, and jail nation wreckers with hardcore evidence has led to the betterment of our society.

Anas undercover operation based on anonymity and relentless investigative work has gained him both local and international recognition over the years.

For some time now, Investigative Journalist Anas has not only limited himself to the Ghanaian terrain but has also succeeded in carrying out his relentless work across borders in other African countries including Tanzania, Malawi, Serra Leone among others by exhibiting extreme bravery in tracking those who use their influence and office to fuel corrupt practices.

Some of these revelations of corruption were the Ghana Football Association fraudulent exposè which led to referees, and officials of the association losing their jobs and facing charges that brought the former GFA, President Kwesi Nyantakyi official mandate as the President to a halt.

Another notable expose’ includes the barbaric ritual killings of disabled children in some villages in the Northern region of Ghana dubbed “The Spirit Child” where so-called “concoction men” are commissioned by parents to mix up poisonous brews to deliver to their disabled children who are believed to be possessed by evil spirits.

The Chinese sex cartel exposes’ in 2009, was another milestone in Anas investigative career where his investigative work succeeded in exposing the boss of the Accra-based Chinese sex cartel, along with his wife and brother who were found guilty of sex trafficking based on the investigative journalist’s hardcore evidence and were sentenced to a combined 41 years in prison.

According to the former President of the United State of America, Barack Hussein Obama, Anas Aremeyaw Anas is a courageous journalist who risks his life to report the truth. This assertion of the President is undoubtedly the truth and nothing but the truth about the Ace investigative journalist of our time.

The investigative journalist is hitting our screens again with his much-awaited and anticipated exposè film dubbed “Anas Covid-19 exposè” scheduled to be aired on various Television Channels on Monday 29th June 2020.

The exposè seeks to name, shame and jail fake herbalist, fake doctors, and the “bad guys” that are using the pandemic as avenues to enrich themselves without putting the precious lives of ordinary Ghanaians and the nation first thereby affecting the nation’s effort to defeat the pandemic.

Make a date to watch the “Anas Ghana COVID-19 expose’” on TV3 and other Channels and pay your dues in the collective rescue of our nation grappling with corruption in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, to compliment Nana Akufo-Addo led government’s effort in winning the war against the virus for the good of us all.

By Iddrisu Muftaw |



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