Creating jokes should be limitless for comedians-Comedian Waris


Fast rising Ghanaian comedian, Abdul Waris known by his stage name as Comedian Waris has made a statement that creating jokes should be limitless.

In an interview on the Showbiz review on Hitz fm, the comedian narrated that he has been in the industry for almost 8 years which hasn’t been so easy for him but explained that, comedians should be given the chance to be able to do whatever they want to do in their job in the right way.

Recently, there has been a report where the comedian revealed that comedians cannot even joke about political parties anymore.
Speaking on this issue, Waris explained that most Ghanaians are forgetful and most politicians always make mistakes, which is why he believes comedians joke about some of the mistakes of these politicians in order to draw the attention of the people which brings them back to the failed promises or mistakes of politicians.

However, Waris revealed that in as much as the media is pushing so well for comedians, they don’t get the kind of projections they need as stand up comedians which is why some people find some jokes they crack sensitive.

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