Criss Waddle denies reports that he is contesting for MP in Tema West constituency


Rapper and songwriter, Kweku Addai, professionally known as Criss Waddle has come out to break the silence concerning his political ambition. This comes after a flyer of the rapper went viral as it depicts that he is contesting for Tema West constituency for the C.P.P

Speaking in a live interview this morning on the Showbiz review on Hitz fm, Waddle disclosed that has no political ambition and that the flyer is a fake one as he has no idea who is behind it. Adding that even if he were to contest for any political party, it would never be CPP but rather NDC or NPP
“I don’t have any political ambition.. and even if I did why would I go for CPP when NPP and NDC is there”, he said

According to Waddle, he has never seen the CPP come to power ever since he was born and believes they won’t come into power anytime soon hence would not waste his time to join such a political party should he want to go into politics
Generally if I had to go into politics I’d have to choose between one of the two and not CPP because as far as I’m concerned, ever since I was born I’ve not seen CPP come to power before and I’m not sure they will come to power anytime soon so why would I waste my time?”, he added

However, Criss Waddle urged whoever is behind making the political flyer of him to focus on his editing talent and put more time to their hustle rather than wasting it on him


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Press release-Criss Waddle is not affiliated to the Convention People’s Party or any other political party