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CSIR calls for support for farmers to enable them grow highly nutritious local food crops

Ghana’s Food Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), is calling for support for Ghanaian farmers who are into the production of food crops in large quantities to enable them produce more crops with the aim of boosting people’s immune system when they consume it.

According to the Health Nutritionist with the Institute, Dr. Jolene Mateko Nyako, there has been an increase in the consumption of local agricultural produce especially with the outbreak of COVID-19.

In an interview with Citi Business News closely monitored by, she noted that the support for farmers is critical to achieving the objective of boosting people’s immune systems while ensuring food security.

“We are trying to incorporate some of our indigenous lost underutilized crops like the yellow corn, yellow yam and ‘afase’ because they are no longer being eaten in the volumes that they used to be. But they are highly nutritious and have the key nutrients that we need as we fight COVID-19. So, if we are promoting our indigenous foods now, post COVID we need to keep these nutritious patterns that we have picked on to help our local economy and also support the farmers,” she said.

Following the economic impact caused by the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, global supply chains have been disrupted whiles food security is being threatened.
The farming sector have also be badly hit by the COVID-19 compelling farmers to reduce the labor force they use on the farm lands all in the name of adhering to COVID-19 protocols such as the social distancing protocol, slowing production.

However, the CSIR, has indicated that, it is collaborating with allied institutions to improve food processing to ensure food security and boost revenue and economic development amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.
This according to them is a necessity to help the nation to be very ready for any global hunger if the pandemic linger on for a long time.

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