Cut out that hubris-laden gibberish – Felix Kwakye to Fan after being grilled Over Coders Programme


Former Deputy Minister of Information, Felix Kwakye Ofosu has told a Facebook fan to cut-out that hubris-laden gibberish after being grilled over one million coders programme promised by the NDC.

Felix Kwakye Ofosu took to his Facebook to explain the his party’s promise of providing one million coders programme for Ghanaian students captured in “The Peoples’ Manifesto” where

Felix Kwakye Ofosu through his Facebook post sighted by Talks Africa Media said ”the one million coders programme is an opportunity to harness the talents and potentials of young Ghanaians from across the country.

The comment further revealed that, through this programme, young Ghanaians will be provided innovative skills in programming, coding and software development.

Facebook Fan’s Reaction

A Facebook fan however did not find this programme convincing enough to win the heart of the electorate and reacted that, who takes the NDC seriously? adding that, “A party that throws away its biometric register and go for a manual register promising coding? A party that couldn’t compile its own election results, promising coding?“

According to the fan the coders programme is not a new initiative to bragged with, explaining to Felix Kwakye Ofosu that, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has introduced 313,250 Basic School students to basic Coding at 25 SHS adding that its part of the New curriculum.

The government is constructing 20 Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Centres. We are providing Free WiFi in all the 722 SHS, 46 Colleges of Education, 16 Regional Offices and 260 District Offices.

Felix Kwakye Ofosu quick response

In a quick response to the comment passed by the Facebook fan he said “Enoch Kofi Nyarkoh you promised one million dollars every years to all 275 Constituencies every year,you have failed! You promised to build a factory in every district you have failed!”

He further stressed that, “You promised to build a dam in every village of the then three Northern Regions(now five),you have failed! You promised to grow the economy at double digits every years from 2017,you have failed!”

You promised to reduce borrowing,you failed!You have in fact added more to our public debt than any other government.

Heck,Akufo-Addo even promised to fulfill ALL his promises and he hasn’t done that and he hasn’t which yet another failure!

In conclusion he said “You are only ahead of a noisy,ignorant bunch who know nothing beyond what their bungling leaders feed them in the NPP”

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