Disney Re-Opens after 4 Months of Lockdown


After four months of lockdown, and despite the surge in COVID-19 cases, Disney World Florida is set to re-open without fireworks or parades.

Along with the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando also reopened, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will reopen in four days.

The re-openings come as many cities and re-introduce restrictions in response to rising cases of coronavirus.

The surge of coronavirus cases in the US will prevent people from hugging characters due to social distancing.
According to reports from Sky News, ‘the most magical place on earth’ introduced strict rules including mandatory masks and social distancing. Queuing for instance and times for some of the rides have been slashed in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus.

In addition, Disney suspended fireworks shows and parades to prevent crowds. Some changes made include mandatory booking, temperature checks on arrival for both visitors and staff.

Some Disney fan, who called Disney their second home and happy the park is opened, explained that the measures put in place during these difficult times will not prevent them from visiting their second home.

Disney characters will not be able to embrace guests. The magical Kingdom will look very different in a post lockdown world.


Florida on Sunday reported 15,300 new coronavirus cases. The staggering number was a result of both increased testing and widespread community transmission.
It shattered previous high case count of 11, 694 in California last week and 11, 571 reported by New York.

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