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Dr. Joyce Aryee urges women to be self reliant by recognizing their relevance


Dr. Reverend Joyce Aryee has advised women to recognize their relevance and project themselves at every stage of life.

She said that though women were mostly known to always be in kitchen, it is important for them to actively play their role in the society.

Dr. Aryee who gave the advice when she was speaking about her life said, staying on top as a woman requires a lot of humility and respect for others.

She noted that while climbing the ladder of success in her career, her major challenge was male chauvinism.

She said “I was faced with the usual opposition of not being accepted in a male dominated world, but I understood the situation so I didn’t take things personal. I rather felt sorry for those who were so strongly opposed to women doing the kind of things they can do”.

She also said, parents need understanding as a team to cater for their children, since teamwork brings success, not an individual.

There are many ways in which we can effectively play our role in society. The important thing is to be effective in what you do”, she said.

She however recounted moments of her mother bringing up her children single-handedly amidst harsh financial difficulties.

She mentioned that her mother made sacrifices for her children, such as selling her belongings to cater for them, and as far as borrowing money. That, she said, was the path mothers could follow for the wellbeing of their kids.

I was seven when my father passed away, my mother was determined that whatever it cost, she would ensure that we had the best of education. She sold her belongings, baked and did embroidery to supplement her income and even borrowed from friends to raise us up well

“I could not disappoint her”, she said.

She therefore entreated males to learn to accept that no one is born to be in the kitchen. Thus, look out for the wellbeing of their children as much as they can.

Dr. Joyce Aryee added that determination was the substantive decision she made that helped her sail through these challenges.

She said that though her position as the CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Mines came with its challenges, she overcame with patience, excellence and humility.

One of the greatest challenges was thinking about ways to get people to appreciate that mining was very fundamental to every sphere of our lives and correcting the perception that mining destroys”, she said.


Dr. Joyce Aryee is one of the few exceptionally multi-talented professional women in Ghana.

Dr. Aryee is a Management & Communication Consultant and a Professional Counselor.

She is currently a consultant for Keegan Resources (Ghana) Limited and serves on the boards of diverse organisations including Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited, Central University College, Finatrade Foundation, AEL Mining Services Limited, GLICO General, Engineers and Planners, Omatek Computers, The Ark Fund and MAN Ghana Limited, Drill Masters Africa, Newmont Gold Ghana Gold Limited and Newmont Golden Ridge Limited as well as the Moremi Initiative for Women in Leadership for African Development.

She is currently the Executive Director of Salt and Light Ministries, and a recipient of a number of awards.

In 2010, she was awarded the Female African Business Leader of the year 2009, by the African Leadership Magazine for her empowerment of rural women and for contributing to the advancement of the mining industry in Ghana.

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