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Dr. Omane Boamah Writes On Free Primary Health Care Is a Movement and a Necessity!


Former Deputy Minister of State under the erstwhile John Mahama led administration Dr. Kofi Omane Boamah has written a fascinating yet informative piece dubbed “Free Primary Health Care Is a Movement and a Necessity”

Read full write up by Dr. Kofi Omane Boamah below:

It is the political will that is needed which has been lacking. In this election we are confronted with how to attain Universal Health Coverage 9 years from now, in accordance with SDG3. Health for All.

Ghana subscribed to the Alma Ata Declaration (1978); Millennium Development Goals (2000) Kampala Declaration (2008), SDGs (2015) and recently Astana Declaration (2018). We must prove we do not just sign these declarations and take perfume and travel allowance; but we are committed to providing the poor and vulnerable with health care.

It is possible to fund it from December 2021 when structural rigidities have been re-oriented. Digitisation of prescription for example will reduce inefficiency (in some cases plain theft) which evidence suggests we lose about GHC60 FOR EVERY GHC100 spent in the health care value chain.

Do not have mercy on the politician. We take MIND-BLOWING ex-gratia every four years. Some seek health care abroad and the tax payer pays for it among others. The people deserve Free Primary Health Care.With innovation, automation, diversification of health human resource including tasks shifting, less emphasis on brick and mortar we can!

The consolidated fund must consolidate the gains for Ghanaians, not just a few.

Furthermore, between 2017 and 2020 revenue from oil and gas alone save for COVID per budget statements would have been GHC20Billion. It is possible. Non oil revenue from tax and non tax has not been factored yet. We either forget Universal Health Coverage or we commit to it in practice. I am for Free Primary Health Care as an accelerated too to achieve Health for All. The NHIS SINCE 2003 is still below 40% COVERAGE. Private health Insurance is woefully inadequate.

Which other route with our annual population growth rate of above 2%? Free Primary Health Care is the way to go. It will also create massive jobs. IT WILL INCLUDE PHARMACY SHOPS, DRUG STORES, PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS AMONG OTHERS.

By: Talks Africa Media



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