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Easter Security Measures: Don’t Post Your Area Via Online Media – Police


DCOP David Agyemang Adjem is Representative Ashanti Provincial Priest

The police in Kumasi are notice inhabitants to be aware of activities that subvert their own security during the Easter celebrations.

The order needs inhabitants to try not to refresh their area via online media as they leave their homes for Easter exercises.

Representative Ashanti Territorial Authority, DCOP David Agyemang Adjem said such practices just furnish lawbreakers with the chance to propagate wrongdoing.

The admonition comes as police convey more faculty to guarantee the security of people in general during and after the Easter merriments.

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“Individuals ought to be aware of what they do particularly via online media.

“Individuals are voyaging and they are putting all that is occurring on their timetable thus individuals know when you are out,” he said.

As indicated by DCOP Adjem, not exclusively would clueless individuals from people in general give data to crooks, however would be uncovered and become targets.

Addressing ‘Luv In the first part of the day’ have, David Akuetteh, he requested that occupants be cautious with regards to their own security.

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“At the point when they are going out particularly during this period that there are community gatherings, they ought to guarantee that at any rate, they get someone to remain at home for security purposes”.

The Local Police Order additionally guaranteed the security of occupants as they observe Easter.

“We are additionally going to guarantee that streets are protected; likewise guarantee that the individuals who come to town to execute business are secured in light of the fact that we’ve placed in various watches; foot watches in such manner,” DCOP Adjem uncovered.

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Then, DCOP Adjem is advised strict bodies against mocking Coronavirus wellbeing conventions.

As indicated by him, just a social occasion of 100 individuals would be permitted during Easter shows.

“We are empowering all places of worship and mosques and all strict bodies to hold their administrations however just for a limit of 100 members”.

Written by Edet Esah


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