Electricity Tarriff-The Executive Director Of ACEP Speaks


The Executive Director of ACEP, Ben Boakye, said the circumstance has put the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) in a troublesome position.

Chief Director of ACEP, Ben Boakye

“There is no discussion about that. This is a significant levy survey year, so PURC I can envision the tough spot they might be in, where the network isn’t steady but you need to audit the duty,” he said on Joy News.

“It will be an extremely intense choice for PURC to take. I can ensure that tax would go up fundamentally. Assuming it doesn’t go up, government needs to fund-raise, yet I didn’t see it in the spending plan.”

As of late, there have been a few blackouts the nation over, to the disappointment of Ghanaians.

Prior in March, there was a cross country blackout because of a complete framework breakdown in the transmission organization.

Mr. Boakye noticed that there’s been next to no interest in the area for quite a while, which has prompted the current circumstance.

“We realize that absence of interests into the transmission framework is the thing that is occasioning the excursions that we are seeing today; and it’s been alluring for some time.

“I mean we [ACEP} have kept up that power is business, so you need to regard it all things considered and permit the worth chain to have the option to pay for itself.”

“You produce, you send, you circulate, you fund-raise at that finish to take care of the entire business [power]. Furthermore, for such a long time we’ve been battling to pull cash from the appropriation end to have the option to pay for transmission and age.

“Also, that issue is truly what we need to manage, and the obligation to manage that hasn’t actually been sufficient,” the ACEP Executive Director added.

Written by Edet Esah


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