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Feature: Impact of COVID-19 on Teenagers


Many will say it is an opportunity for school should to stay home and rest but to others its rather a sad situation and something must be done. 

In a bid to find out the impact of COVID-19 on the life of young teenagers it was shocking to hear the revelations made by these teenagers.

Ken Obeng-Poku, a student of the Achimota basic school, narrates the challenges and stress he is going through because of COVID-19.

His ordeal is not too peculiar as compared to others who are in the villages but it is also a challenge because academic activities in his school are currently on hold.

“my school gave us a lot of assignments before we came home and I have finished working on them but I still feel as if I am not doing much when it comes to academics, I read almost every day, and I have a senior brother who helps me by teaching me but mu mum sends me on so many errands and its too much, staying home in these past few months has been very difficult, I really miss school and I miss my teachers and friends,” he said.

“We are not having any form of classes online or whatsoever yet, we are we waiting for the school to say something first” he added.

Speaking to Catherine Mensah, a student of the Islamic basic school in Akuse in the  Eastern Region, she stated that, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected her academics and she has even lost track of what she has been through in school so far.

“I don’t remember all we did before the pandemic, I have forgotten all of it and my school too didn’t give us any homework before the pandemic, we don’t even have computers in our school or at home so we can not even have the virtual classes other schools are having, it is very sad and I miss school, I hope the pandemic will go away soon,” she said.

When asked the meaning of the current situation they find themselves the school children said: “our parents said there is a disease currently in the world so the government is protecting us from contracting it, that’s why we have been asked to stay home,”.

However, a survey conducted by Jeeds Development Consult has shown that about 80% of these students who have been directed by the president to stay and stay safe, actually do not stay home and stay safe, rather they meet at their friend’s house and play football or either meet on a park and play with their friends hence a hoodwink to spread the virus should any of them have it without knowing.

Even though authorities are doing their best to contain the spread of the disease, it also the sole responsibility of the parents to ensure that their wards are staying home and staying safe.

By Amos Ekow Coffie  |

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