FIFA looks to improve VAR technology


FIFA is aiming to further improve video assistant referee (VAR) technology at all levels of the game, in particular, the association is looking into the development of a semi-automated offside technology.

Following the successful implementation of VAR and its incorporation into the Laws of the Game in March 2018 FIFA held the first test of the semi-automated offside technology at the FIFA Club World Cup back in December 2019 in Qatar and had plans to demonstrate another advanced offside technology, but due to the ongoing pandemic, this demonstration had to be held online.

According to FIFA “The development of a semi-automated offside technology should provide the VAR with additional and more accurate information to assist the decision-making process of the referee and to make the review process as efficient as possible.”


“The goal is to develop a supportive tool similar to goal-line technology: Not designed to make the decision, but to provide evidence instantly to the referees” further saidFIFA and the International Football Association Board (IFAB) have always maintained that the final decision will remain with the referee, with technology being introduced to provide the officials with the best support available.

“These events are a very good opportunity for the FIFA Working Group to better understand the complexity and the development status of new technologies and provide a platform to discuss new innovations in football directly with the industry,” said FIFA Director of Football Technology & Innovation Johannes Holzmüller.

The next meeting of the FIFA Working Group is planned for the beginning of July and more tests and demonstrations are scheduled for the second half of this year.

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