GES Informs School Authority To Admit The Two Students With Dreadlocks

Ghana Education Service(GES) has informed the school authorities to admit the two students with dreadlocks who gain admission to the school.

Based on the news that circulated on social media. The GES retaliated to the offense the school authorities displayed yesterday to the student, as it is a great offense to human rights in the 1992 Constitution.

However, one of the parents who was a Rastafarian expressed his grief concerning this issue, as his son has been denied of  attending school severally based on their cultural beliefs. He was happy about the concern of Ghanaians about this tragic issue and thank everyone who supports their opinion.

The school is yet to admit the two student as the authorities claim it was against the school rule for the student with dreadlocks to be admitted.However based on the GES approval the two students would be granted admission to the school.

In conclusion,would the parent still allow their child to attend the school even though they were rejected at the first place?

Written by Daniella Quiste


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