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Ghanaian Businessman urges the media to set up agenda to trigger monumental transition


Ghanaian Businessman and Economist, Dr. Kofi Amoah has urged the media to play a lead role in ensuring that political parties stick to their campaign promises.

He said that it is very important for the media to trigger monumental transitions of Ghana’s fortunes beginning with the 2020 election campaign.

He explained this in a tweet on Twitter, stressing the need for politicians to act on existential matters.

According to him, campaign promises evaporate, adding that, people’s key challenges however remains and worsens with time.

“It’s our nation and it’s time to force our elected politicians to do what we need. Jobs plenty, Imports less, Debts less. Make them listen”, he stressed.


Dr. Amoah who was a former member of Ghana Investment Advisory Council, said politicians are always treated with a kids glove when it comes to delivering its promises.

He therefore called on the media to force them to do what the citizens need and not engage in trivial discussions.

“To succeed in turning things around, there should be a new covenant with the elected, that clearly sets out what I believe we all see as must have, must do, that will assure real progress for all Ghanaians.

“Jobs for everyone, educated or not, reduce importation and reduce borrowing”, he added.
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