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Ghanaian celebrities who have never been in the news for the wrong reason

Most celebrities get to play different roles in their line of work and many Ghanaian celebrities will admit to having played the good, the bad and the ugly. With time, notable Ghanaians become synonymous with just one of the many roles they have played in their line of duty. Most Ghanaians are unable to distinguish between real life and the career life of these notable Ghanaians. Celebrities mostly find their way through the media with bad news whilst others stand out and do avoid this wrong news but portray the good aspect of their lives to the media. Here is a list of some celebrities who are impacting people positively but not raising eyebrow due to the bad news.

Kofi Kinaata

The Ghanaian Musician is now the mouthpiece of the Western and the Central regions of Ghana as he solely represents the regions due to the “Fante” language and where he grew up as well. The “Effiakuma” boy songs transcend just the normal Hiplife or Highlife genre. He speaks to social issues which need to be addressed. People have tried to drag him to the gutters but he has a nice way of avoiding these sayings declaring it as false and will not want to wade into those issues.

Okyeame Kwame

Celebrated Ghanaian musician Okyeame Kwame is one of the most influential and active people in the music circles and on social media. He has built a brand without malice using his platforms to affect society positively. In an era where marketing positivity has become difficult, especially in the showbiz circles, it is surprising that anyone could defy the norm and cause great influence on social media with positive content. On social media, he runs the Made in Ghana promo which projects individual businesses and also teases people’s knowledge in various field of endeavour. The rapper is one of the numerous celebrities in Ghana who tries to be always in the news for good reasons.

Martha Ankomah

After years of maidservant and school girl role she played in movies coupled with her raunchy romantic roles in movies that earned her the status of a sexual icon among some admirers, Martha is seen to be a good lady for the past years and it’s hard to speak ill of her. She is entreated by her colleague celebrities to make out the most from their huge following on social media and not just posting pictures on social media to cheer on their fans. The actress has always believed in capitalizing on technology to market ones brand and also impact society. She is now the brand ambassador of GTP clothes and she is doing very well with that.

Nadia Buari

Most people are used to judging her wrongly and arguing over issues rather than placing value on what they have to offer a beautiful actress. There are many issues in the media about her but it appears these stories do not hold water and are very shallow without proper scrutiny. Nadia Buari has urged for priority to be placed on collective efforts rather than trying to find faults on her when there is none. It is hard for one to get a negative story about her these days. She is focused on propagating sensitive social, adding her voice to enable the minorities to make known their woes and bringing forth solutions.

Jackie Appiah
The award winning actress has been an influential figure and a role model to most young ladies who are interested in acting and even those who are also interested in other trades. Jackie mostly is seen in the news for good reasons not for the bad reasons. She is embarked in some charity works and helping communities. Just recently, she was seen presenting some food items during the lockdown in the country due to the Covid-19.

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