Ghana’s democracy has come a long way, yet it remains fragile – Jane Naana Agyemang


Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemanh in her maiden speech delivered as the running mate for John Dramani Mahama , at an outdooring event held at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) yesterday July 28, said; Ghana’s democracy has come a long way, yet fragile.

To her, when some offenders are not even placed on the hook but are hailed and promoted for being nasty and violent, the logical outcome is what we see.

“This situation of people dying, being harassed, because they have decided to register to vote, is not a story we can tell any child in the future, especially when the curriculum is hinged on tolerance. What will be our response if they pose their favorite question: “Why” or if they add a few words and ask the storyteller: “So what did you do?” Or, « and what did you say to that?” She said.
The former Education Minister, called on all to exercise their civic duty against any obstacles and machinations.

Running mate, Jane Naana urged each and everyone to show up and participate in the ongoing voter registration exercise in exercising their political franchise.
Prof. Jane Nana Agyemang further extended a hand to everyone, no matter how disappointed they have become; no matter the depth of their frustration, their anger, their despair to come and chart a path for Ghana built on the values of integrity, merit, trust, responsible citizenship, caring, putting others first, simple polite language.

To her re-building institutions means building a truly independent, inclusive nation that is not afraid to respect views that differ from ours; a country confident enough to accept other ways of seeing; of respecting everyone, regardless.

“Come, men, women, our youth, our children- together, let us build the Ghana we can have which must belong to us all, and which must pay special, working and workable attention to the vulnerable”. She appealed.
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